Dr. Marty Becker: Recognizing Dog Obesity

We’re so excited to have this video that Dr. Marty Becker filmed especially for DogTipper! Dr. Marty Becker is known as “America’s Veterinarian” and is seen on “Good Morning America” and “The Dr. Oz Show.” Dr. Becker has teamed up with PETCO to bring awareness to some heartbreaking health problems that can be a result of overweight pets.

Dr. Becker provides some really helpful tips in this video, answering our questions about how to recognize dog obesity. You’ll see him with a beagle in this video showing how you can feel your dog’s ribs, look at his tuck up (or lack of!), and “waistline” to determine if he’s overweight. Dr. Becker also provides some excellent tips on helping your dog lose weight through exercise and walking.

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  • I’m sure Dr. Becker is a nice man and a good vet, but let me assure him that not “all” dogs love to walk, just like not “all” dogs are scavengers.

    I believe that these are stereotypes that need to be addressed.

    A little extra padding can and does go a long way in a cuddle session.

    Any of my fellow canines have an opinion???

    Love & Licks, Phoebe Rose
    PS Is it lunchtime yet??

  • I love Dr. Becker! He addresses serious issue but brings his lighthearted personality to the conversation. Gunner certainly was a good sport – his physique took some hits there – hope he got a low-cal treat out of the deal!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years

    • Yes, Dr. Becker has such a reassuring style…he would be great to have as your vet because I can just tell he’d put you at ease! And Gunner really was a good sport…even if there’s a little extra of Gunner to love, he is still a cutie!

  • I thought my Chester was in pretty good shape until I adopted skinny-girl Gretel. She made him look tubby. Plus, when I took her to her first checkup I was looking at the poster on the wall on how to tell if your dog is the proper weight. It was clear that Chester could stand to loose a pound or two. I switched him to light food and we increased our hikes. He lost 3 lbs! Now he is a lean mean dude. This video says in words what that sign said to me.