Reporting a Pet Product Problem

You give your dog some food, treats, or medication…and then he gets sick. After contacting your vet, what’s the next step?

To prevent the spread of illness through possibly contaminated or tainted pet products, it’s a good idea in the US to report your complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA has two ways to report your pet product problems:

  1. You can use the Safety Reporting Portal. You can sign up for an account or make a report as a guest.
  2. You can call your state’s Consumer Complain Coordinators.

Regardless of which method you choose to report the problem, you need to have some information on hand when you make the report.

Regarding the product, you’ll need to know the exact name of the product. It’s best if you have the original product packaging so you can report the Lot Number, Best By date, UPC code, and weight of the product.

You’ll want to be as descriptive as possible regarding the problem with the product. Even if you didn’t serve the product to your pet, you can report that it had a bad odor, that the container was swollen, etc. If you served the product to your pet, you’ll need to supply information on your pet such as his age, weight, any pre-existing conditions he had, how much of the product he consumed, what signs of illness he exhibited, when he became ill, and the results of your veterinarian’s examination. If your vet did any lab work on your dog, have those results handy, too.

For more information on reporting problems, visit the FDA website.

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