Avoiding Dematting Fees

Want to save money on your next visit to the dog groomer? Avoid dematting fees by brushing out your dog’s fur every day or two. Make a habit of removing burrs and detangling hair after every walk then sit down for a full brushing every day or two.

Often burrs removes easily if you get it out right away. If you find an especially stubborn burr, try crushing it with pliers then picking out the pieces from your dog’s fur.

When it comes to foxtails, it’s not just a matter of saving money but also keeping your dog healthy; these grasses (here we call it speargrass) have barbs that can work their way through your dog’s fur and into his skin…and even travel to organs.

You can save as much as 30 percent on your next grooming bill by dematting your dog yourself!

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