Making Sure Your Dog is Evacuated If You’re Not Home

This week we covered some packing tips from Dr. Donna Spector of VCA Animal Hospitals to use to prepare an emergency kit for you and your dog in case of a natural disaster.

But what if a natural disaster strikes when you’re at work or otherwise away from home?

Here are Dr. Spector’s tips on making sure your dog gets evacuated and cared for in case of a natural disaster when you’re not at home:

  • Place stickers on your doors to notify emergency workers or neighbors where on your property your animals are located and where to find your emergency pet kit, just in case you aren’t home when a disaster strikes.
  • Make sure to include a pre-signed medical treatment authorization in your kit. Include your VCA veterinarian’s name, clinic name and address and the information for a local emergency clinic. This will aid rescuers if you’ve become separated from your pet and it must be treated.

A medical treatment authorization, like those you sign at a kennel when you board a dog, gives your authorization for emergency vet treatment. To see some sample forms you can use as a model, search online for “veterinary treatment authorization form” and create your own form (don’t forget to sign it!) to add to your emergency kit.

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