Dr. Marty Becker’s Tips for a Safe Holiday

Holidays can spell fun–but also danger–for your dog. Houseguests who may not be familiar with dogs can leave medications on the counters, creating a real risk for counter surfing dogs! This is just one of the great tips in the video Dr. Marty Becker created especially for DogTipper, above.

You’ll recognize Dr. Becker from “Good Morning, America” and “The Dr. Oz Show”; this dog-loving veterinarian also has some tips on helping senior dogs including many of the products you’ve seen in our Senior Dog Gift Guide this month!

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  • A few months ago a woman told me that her well-meaning houseguest gave her dog a rib bone to chew on. The dog swallowed the bone and there were, shall we say, some complications! Thanks for the reminder to be vigilant in the care of our animals!