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This is a sponsored post by VioVet, a leading online veterinary retailer in the U.K.

The majority of us spend time and money making sure we look and feel the best we can, so why shouldn’t your dogs get the same treatment? Our beloved pets can potentially develop a whole host of skin aliments that can be incredibly uncomfortable. We’ve touched upon a couple of these problems below so you can be prepared if your pet should develop a problem.

Long-time dog owners will know that fleas are often unavoidable. Children get nits and pets get fleas. It is just something we have to deal with. Lucky for us there are plenty of treatments out there to get rid of these unwanted house guests. Frontline for dogs is the number one flea treatment in the UK. This product can get to work as quickly as 24 hours. It works by breaking the flea life cycle as it dissolves onto your dog’s skin.

Our pets can develop more serious skin problems, like mange in dogs, but this can also be cured with the right product choice. Mange is a skin disease caused by microscopic mites. Aludex is a product just for dogs and works to treat both demodectic mange and sarcoptic mange. As with any treatment, make sure to contact your vet for further direction as every case can be different!

We love our pets to pieces but sometimes they leave us too many clues that they live with us! Their fur seems to find its way everywhere, in our food, on the furniture and somehow their hairs find their way into rooms we don’t even let them in! You don’t have to put up with all that unwanted hair, because there is a solution. Furminator, sells a great range of products that help minimise shedding. This includes shampoos and specially designed brushes. Making small changes can make a big difference!

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