Controlling Fleas with Rug Doctor

It is getting warm here…really warm…and we’re already seeing fleas on Irie and Tiki as well as on our cats. We like to control fleas naturally, without chemicals on either our pets or in our home, so we vacuum a LOT around here. Today, though, we took that flea-preventative cleaning to the next step: we got out the Rug Doctor.

With its high-powered extraction and super fast brushes (they vibrate 1,700 times per minute), the Rug Doctor gets down into the carpet and pulls those fleas AND the flea eggs out to be disposed of with the water. Super easy, no harsh chemicals (you could even just run the machine with nothing more than water in it, if you like), and you get a clean carpet to boot!

Disclosure: I toured the Rug Doctor plant and received a Rug Doctor for review; I have not been paid for my review and all statements are entirely my own.

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