Slowing Your Dog’s Aging Eyes with Ocu-GLO Rx from Animal Necessity

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Will Ocu-GLO Rx™ help get rid of my dog’s cataracts?

In general, a true white progressing cataract cannot be stopped. It is like asking a frying egg to stop being fried and become liquid again! There are so many reactions and protein changes going on, there is no way back to clear.

Aging changes in the lens are normal in all species’ eyes. This occurs because the lens grows continually throughout your life but all the cells must remain within the lens capsule. Think of an M&M candy. The candy coating remains intact and grows gradually too, but the cells must stay inside and must remain clear. Once the host (human, dog, cat, etc) becomes older, the cells start becoming very compressed and they start to refract light. This change, called nuclear sclerosis can cause glare in humans but typically does not affect your pet’s vision. These aging changes also have protein damage and modifications and can be hastened due to environmental stressors especially the sun, smoking (second hand in our pet’s case), poor diets, and environmental toxins.
The lens has antioxidant systems in the cells that are strongest while your pet and you are young, but as we all age, these systems slow down and do not keep the normal daily damage from sun, etc under control. Once this happens, the proteins and cell components that remain can become irreparably damaged, leading to cataract formation. There are numerous studies showing that people who have diets high in vitamins, antioxidants, and low in carbohydrates, do not smoke, and protect themselves from the sun, have a lower incidence of this type of cataract.

Ocu-GLO Rx™ is rich in antioxidants that may slow the aging type of cataract. Once your dog has extensive changes, Ocu-GLO Rx™ will not reverse these changes.

There are also other types of cataract that occur in dogs and cause blindness. These include genetic cataracts, cataracts secondary to retinal degeneration, and diabetic cataracts.

Genetic cataracts typically occur when your dog is under 6 years of age. They are white in color and progress at varying rates. Once these are evident, it is unlikely that anything will slow them down, as there are numerous cellular pathways that have been activated in response to the genetic mutation. These pathways are changing the protein folding inside the cells as well as turning on other genes that should not be on and are damaging the cells and causing opacities seen as cataracts.

Cataracts secondary to inherited retinal degeneration occur slowly and become evident once a dog has lost significant night vision. Inherited retinal degeneration occurs in dogs and, depending on the breed, can progress rapidly or slowly. Briefly, the toxins released by the dying retinal cells are toxic to the lens cells. The lens cells can only respond by becoming opaque i.e. a cataract. Ocu-GLO Rx™ may protect the lens cells from this toxic type of damage and certainly can slow down the retinal degeneration in most cases.

Cataracts secondary to diabetes mellitus occur because there is too much glucose (sugar) in the circulation and in the fluid encircling the lens (aqueous humor). The lens cannot tolerate a high glucose level without developing cataracts. There is an enzyme called aldose reductase, which is responsible for this rapidly occurring cataract. If it can be inhibited, then the diabetic cataract can be stopped or significantly slowed. Ocu-GLO Rx™ has ingredients that may inhibit this enzyme, though but we have not yet proven how well it can inhibit diabetic cataracts. Some of our clinical patients are still cataract free after over 2 years of taking Ocu-GLO Rx™, so we are very hopeful this will help our diabetic patients!

An important thing to remember is that even if Ocu-GLO Rx™ does not stop your dog’s cataracts, it will make the eye cells’ environments healthier so that dog cataract surgery may be more successful! The most devastating problem with cataracts and the reason that the eye can develop irreparable damage is due to inflammation. Cataract cause inflammation and likewise, inflammation can cause cataracts. Some of the ingredients in Ocu-GLO Rx™ also help control inflammation so they will work with the topical and oral medications used before and after cataract surgery.

Why use Ocu-GLO Rx?

  • Designed by experts in animal health and a designed specifically for dogs
  • Promotes lifelong, healthy vision
  • Useful in treating cataracts, glaucoma and other vision problems
  • Non-invasive alternative to surgery

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