Selecting the Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

As you know, DogTipper has partnered with Apartment Guide to serve as an Official Apartment Guide Pet Blogger, bringing you ways to make the most of your space with pets in mind.

We just received a really interesting infographic from this resource for all things apartment-related about dog breeds and the wide variety of sizes of our canine friends.  Apartment Guide has an entire post about selecting the best dog breeds for apartment living, from the Pug to the Dachshund and more.

Our own personal recommendation: judge not just by size but also temperament. Some larger dogs like to lounge around and would be a great fit for smaller spaces; others really want room to move.

Also take into account your own schedule. If you’re in an apartment but work at home and are available to take your dog on frequent walks and dog park visits, space is not such an issue.

But we want to get your opinion. Which dog breeds do you think are the best for apartment living? You apartment dwellers out there, how well does your dog’s breed fit into your lifestyle? Would you recommend your dog’s breed to other apartment dwellers? Let us know with a comment below!
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  • Casey R. Doodle

    It’s not a matter of size. We live in an apartment and I’m huge. When
    we go outside, it’s ALWAYS together…we can’t just open the door to let
    me out (tempting as it’s been sometimes.) Inside, whether it’s at home
    or at work, I’m quiet and laid
    back…have never chewed furniture or barked inside. I have plenty of
    challenging indoor toys, we play mentally challenging inside games (nose
    work, etc.), go for long walks together every day, and to the dog park
    for hard running and water exercise several times a week. I’m happy, we
    BOTH get plenty of exercise and training…maybe more than if we had a
    house and yard. I think the important thing about apartment living and
    dogs is the training, exercise, and attention they receive. 

  • Anonymous

    I have an American Eskimo and he’s turned out to be a great apartment dog.  We have a long hallway that he can run up and down if he gets antsy, and a park across the street for walks, which is nice, even though we live in the city.   Living on the 7th floor, we had to get him on a “poop routine” so we weren’t taking him out every 4 hours, so we put him on the Synergy food which really cut down on the numbers of times I had to take him out to go #2.