Ask Alecia: My Dog Won’t Poop on Leash

Dear Alecia,

HELP!! please We took in a stray dog that looks like yours , probably has other in her. Took her to the vet as we were not keeping her but wanted to make sure she was okay. Just after that she went into heat which I never experienced but my main problem is she will pee on leash but not poop. She poops in the house and knows its wrong I believe someone beat her. Even though we have a fenced yard she can get into wooded area which we don’t want as when we got her she had fleas and ticks. We are keeping her but my other family members are ready to give her the boot!Please any suggestions would be most appreciated. I live in a County that will not help strays and I am her only option. Thanks. Evie

Dear Evie,

Thank you on behalf of your dog for your kind and generous heart. When dealing with a dog that poops inside it is best to consider using a crate to retrain the dog. Start by taking the dog out for a walk, if the dog does not poop then when you come inside put the dog in the crate so she cannot have free run of the house and cannot poop in the house. In about 45 take the dog out again, same routine, if the dog does not poop, when you come in place the dog in the crate. Continue to only allow the dog free roam of the house once she has gone outside.

Make sure that the dog has plenty of exercise and long walks during this time. And remember you are not punishing the dog by putting it in crate, you are simply providing the dog with clear, consistent boundaries that will allow the dog to feel more confident and do her business outside.

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