Guarding Against Ticks

Autumn means good weather and a great time to get outdoors with your dog and explore with hiking excursions, camping trips and longer daily walks.

Unfortunately, that fine weather also spells more exposure to ticks that can lie in wait in the woods, ready to attack you and your dog.

Step one in the fight against fall ticks is to remain vigilant, keeping an eye out for these dangerous arachnids by checking yourself and your dog after every walk. Many people, in an attempt to save money, might be tempted to drop monthly preventatives once summer ends but that can be an open invitation for ticks to transfer to an unprotected host. Products like K9 Advantix, a once-a-month topical treatment, contain permethrin and imidacloprid to repel and kill fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes on dogs and puppies seven weeks of age and older. K9 Advantix is not for use on cats.

And to keep ticks off yourself? Wear light-colored clothing so you can spot a tick if one gets on you, wear long pants and socks (preferably tucking the pants legs into your socks or into hiking boots), and stay on the trail whenever possible, avoiding the most heavily wooded areas. Once you get home, check yourself and your dog for ticks before entering your home and then run the clothing and other items you took with you through the dryer, where ticks can’t survive.

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