Puppies: From Choosing the Best Puppy Food to Socializing Your Pup

Do you have a new puppy in the house? Congratulations on your new family member! Just as with any new member of the family, you’ll need to start with your puppy’s nutrition.

Your Puppy’s Diet

Like an infant child, your puppy depends solely on you for his entire diet so the selection of foods is an important one for his growth, development, and health.

You’ll notice that most puppy food consists of tiny kibble; it’s sized for your dog’s puppy teeth and should include all the essential vitamins to create a complete and balanced diet. As you work to select the best puppy food, be sure to view all products and take the time to read the nutritional labels.

Talk with your veterinarian about how much to feed your new puppy; those little round bellies mean it can be difficult to know if your puppy is overweight.

Your Puppy’s Housetraining

Diet and housetraining go hand in hand. By feeding your puppy at set intervals rather than leaving food out to eat as he gets hungry, you’ll have a better handle on necessary potty times. In general, plan to take your puppy out for bathroom breaks when he gets up in the morning, after every meal, after playing, after naps, and before bedtime. Plan on over a dozen potty breaks for puppies under four months old.

To minimize accidents (let’s face it…you won’t entirely prevent them), puppies can be restricted to a particular area of the home. You can use a crate to create a small den for your pup or baby gates to restrict access to one room when he’s left unattended.

Your Puppy’s Socialization

Socialization is an incredibly important part of your puppy’s young life; exposure to different places and people will set him up for a happy adulthood that takes new experiences in stride. As soon as you have your vet’s OK, begin to socialize your puppy through puppy classes and visits to all kinds of environments. With you at his side, he’ll learn that life is going to be a fun adventure instead of a scary ordeal!

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