Thanksgiving Safety Tips!

Thanksgiving preparations are busily underway at our home (and Tiki and Irie are very aware of it!) As our American readers start to prepare for the holiday, we want to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving with their families. We’ve rounded up some articles here on Thanksgiving safety, ones that are quick reads but can save anguish and expense over the holidays if your dog gets into something he shouldn’t. Thanksgiving is a busy time for veterinary emergency centers so please make sure this is a safe holiday for your furry family members!

Keeping Your Dog Safe at Thanksgiving

Includes tips ranging from ensuring your dog is wearing an ID tag to keep him safe with all the coming and going to foods to make sure your dog does NOT eat!

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

A few minutes of preparation are so much better than a rush to the animal emergency clinic on Thanksgiving; please take a moment to read these important safety tips before you begin your dinner preparations!

Keeping Your Dog Happy at Thanksgiving

Tips from Dara Foster for making sure your dog enjoys a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.

Avoiding Pancreatitis at Thanksgiving

This life-threatening illness can be caused by eating excessive fat. While we may indulge (and overindulge) on those fatty Thanksgiving foods, your dog should not eat all that fat.

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