Ask Alecia: Tips for Loose Leash Walking

As you know, along with we’re co-hosting the Spot On Tele-Training Series. For five weeks, holistic dog trainer Alecia Evans, of the Ask Alecia column here on DogTipper, is talking about one aspect of dog training. Last week, we talked about potty training; this week, we discussed loose leash walking.

If you missed Monday night’s call, you can download the MP3 file here. The call includes Alecia discussing these topics:

  • Why is walking on the leash one of the first things you should teach your dog?
  • Why do dogs want to pull so much even when they are being choked?
  • How do I get past the frustration I feel at my dog when they pull me?
  • What are the safest tools to use when teaching my pup or dog to walk on leash?

She also answers reader questions on the topic.

Next week, we’ll be discussing teaching your dog to come when called, an important skill that can be life-saving. You can register for the call on Alecia‚Äôs information page.

Please be sure to join us on the live call at 9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT). Can’t make the call? Just leave your question about recall in the comments section below or email us at and we’ll ask Alecia your question!

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