Keeping Your Dog Safe In a Hurricane

As many of you know, before we were pet writers, we were travel guidebook writers specializing in the Caribbean. We traveled to the islands many times every year as we researched our guidebooks. Because of the publishing schedule of travel guidebooks (and because hotels host travel writers at a time when demand is lowest), most of our travel took place during hurricane season. We had a hurricane map in our office and we kept track of the powerful storms. More than once, we had to return to an island shortly after a storm to redo portions of our books before they went to press–but sometimes before cleanup efforts could be completed. We saw firsthand the devastating impact of these terrible storms.

If you live in a region that can potentially be impacted by a hurricane, please take just a moment to look over the infographic from Petfinder about how you can keep your dog safe in the event of a hurricane!

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