Making an Emergency Plan When Traveling with Dogs

We absolutely love to travel with Irie and Tiki. Whenever possible, whether it’s for fun or for work, we try to bring the dogs along with us when we travel.

paris-dogs-surfBut what if things don’t go as planned? What if we should wind up sick or hospitalized on the road? Where would our dogs stay in that situation? Many hotels don’t permit dogs to remain unattended in hotel rooms. What would happen in that kind of emergency?

Or what if you decide, during your vacation, that your plans have changed and you want or need to spend a day without the dogs? Perhaps you decide that you want to enjoy a local museum, a romantic restaurant, or a no-dogs-allowed excursion. What’s the solution for both you and your dog to make the most of your vacation even if you spend some of it apart?

The answer is a dog sitter. Pet sitting is an option even for those travelers who are traveling with their dogs. Choosing a pet sitter at your destination, whether as a backup emergency plan or as part of your regular trip planning, is easy thanks to, a service that unites pet parents and pet sitters with an easy online search.

Earlier this week, we headed to Port Aransas, Texas for a few days of R&R&R (rest, relaxation and rovers!) with Irie and Tiki, staying at a pet-friendly property we’d enjoyed with the dogs this spring. We knew from experience that it was a very small resort, not one that offers extra amenities such as pet sitters on call.

No problem…we just hopped on and checked into pet sitters in the Port Aransas area as part of our fallback plan. While we didn’t need a pet sitter this trip, having the contacts for multiple pet sitters in the region meant peace of mind for us, just in case of an emergency on a trip so far from home.

A quick search for Port Aransas and we were presented with a list on of potential pet sitters in the area:


Once you’ve selected some potential pet sitters, you can make contact with them and find out more about their pet sitting experience (all are hand-selected by with over 25,000 approved sitters in more than 4,300 US cities). If your schedule is set, you can go ahead and arrange a stay; Rover sitters can even keep your dog in their home. (And if all this vacation talk has you wishing you could earn extra money as a pet sitter, is a great service for professional pet sitters as well!)

If you’d like to give a try before your next trip, it’s quick and easy to make a free online profile. We’ve even got a great coupon code for $25 off your first booking. Use the coupon code DOGTIPPER25 at checkout! Visit to redeem your code! (NOTE: Pet sitters get very busy as we approach the holiday season. If you want a pet sitter during this period, it’s especially important to book EARLY!)

To learn even more about, don’t miss the #RoverChat Twitter party on October 3 from 9-10pm ET. (This is not one of our Event Barkers-hosted Twitter parties…but there will be prizes and tons of action!) Watch for the #RoverChat hashtag on Twitter when you’ll have the chance to ask Rover pet sitting experts your questions!


Disclosure: We are working with to help share their services with our readers. As you know, we only promote services and products that we personally use with our own pets!

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  • It would be nerve wracking to have to choose a sitter under short notice, but these things do happen.

    • It sure would be, but I think it helps to have some names on hand…just in case! Paris