Are Your Curious about Your Zodiac Compatibility with Your Dog?


Have you ever wondered about your dog’s astrological sign? Today we have a fun guest post about our dogs Irie and Tiki and their signs, both their adoption “gotcha” days and what we guess are their birthdays!

There are very few downsides to adopting a dog. While sometimes not knowing more about your pet’s previous environment can be a concern, not knowing your pet’s actual birthday can be a slight bummer in that you’re not sure just when to celebrate.

Then again, your dog’s adoption date is certainly cause to celebrate. While it’s not a “birthday” per se, it does mark the date where your pet was given a new lease (leash?) on life, as well as the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Even though you may not know the exact date and time of your pet’s birth (unless he or she was born in the shelter and they have a record of it), your pet’s adoption date can be a surprisingly accurate way of telling his or her astrological profile. It isn’t always 100% as accurate, but in many cases, it can be spot on.

For example, my family’s dearly departed Chow, Xena was adopted on May 17th, under the astrological period of Taurus. True to her adopted sign, Xena (an appropriate name for her if there ever was one!) was both stubborn and surprisingly affectionate towards her human companions.

Growing up, one of our neighbors adopted an exceptionally patient and sweet Cockapoo that she named “Clancy.” Clancy was given an Irish name since he was adopted shortly before St. Patrick’s Day in mid-March — a period that falls under the sun sign of Pisces. Clancy’s personality displayed several key Piscean traits, marking him as one of the most mellow dogs you would ever have the pleasure of playing fetch with.

With some of these examples in mind, let’s see how the zodiac compatibility matches up for Irie, Tiki, and their human companion, Paris.

Paris’s Astrological Profile

Born on August 28, Paris is a Virgo. One of the most cerebral and precise astrological signs, Virgo also happens to have good sense of humor. They have to — otherwise, they could run the risk of being dubbed high-strung due to their extreme sense of attention to detail. Another of Virgo’s chief characteristics is that they love to help others. They put their vast stores of knowledge to good use and love to teach others what they know and share helpful tips along the way. (Sound familiar?)

Irie’s Astrological Profile

Irie was adopted on February 2nd — although Paris suspects Irie’s birthday may have been sometime in August. According to her adoptive date, Irie would be an Aquarius — the dreamers of the zodiac.Those born under the sign of Aquarius are curious, thoughtful, and can sometimes be viewed as “flighty” — although in a very endearing way. They can often become so wrapped up in activities they’re engaged in that they sometimes forget to do the essentials — like eating and sleeping — necessitating a gentle reminder from loved ones from time to time.

If Irie, in fact, was born in August, she may well be a Leo. Leo’s love, love, LOVE the spotlight. They are born performers — and leaders. Leo’s have an unfortunate reputation of be something of a diva at times, however, this astrological sign ruled by the sun is often cheerful and optimistic.

How Irie’s Aquarius side relates to Paris as a Virgo:

Aquarius brings a whimsical edge to Virgo’s typically regimented lifestyle. Virgo usually takes a gentle hand in steering Aquarius towards a more structured way of living. Each offers the other a totally new perspective on life: Aquarius encourages Virgo to see the beauty in their surroundings — instead of merely analyzing them. And Virgo is happy to teach Aquarius all she knows about a great number of things.

How Irie’s Leo side relates to Paris as a Virgo:

Leo has charisma out the whazoo, although they could certainly use a smidge of help in tempering their spontaneity — something which organized Virgo could greatly assist with! Virgo can be a bit of a worry-wart, always wondering “What if?” rather than living in the moment. A dose of Leo in Virgo’s life can provide her with more of a leaning to “go with the flow,” while Virgo can help channel Leo’s superstar energy into constructive projects.

Tiki’s Astrological Profile

Tiki was adopted on August 28 — which, if that sounds familiar, is actually Paris’ birthday, too! According to her adopted astrological sign, Tiki is a model pooch — if not somewhat prissy and fastidious. She’s whip-smart, orderly, and curious — in a polite sort of way. Virgo loves order and you may even find her dog toys neatly arranged in her “space” rather than scattered about the house.

Tiki’s mom has a hunch, however, that her actual birthday may fall sometime in February. The first 18 days of February belong to the astrological sign of Aquarius — which, ironically, is Irie’s “adopted” sun sign. If Tiki is an Aquarius, she may have a bit more of a laid-back side to her personality. Like Virgo, Aquarius does have a curiosity, although it’s more of a philosophical one than it is an intellectual “Just the fact, ma’am” version.

How Tiki’s Virgo side relates to Paris as a Virgo:

Two Virgo’s coming together can be a beautiful thing… Although there are a couple pratfalls for this dynamic duo every so often.Since both are so organized and thrive on regimen, scheduling walks, feeding times, and regular rounds of play can be a dream. But woe to the Virgo who breaks the schedule on the other half of this partnership! Virgo is actually a very sensitive sign despite her cerebral nature. She may take a slight to having a regular activity put on hold to tend to other — likely — more pressing matters.Nevertheless, Virgo is also quick to forgive and doesn’t have a pushy bone in their bodies, eager to put the past behind and happily move forward.

How Tiki’s Aquarius side relates to Paris as a Virgo:

Like her sister, Irie, Tiki may have an Aquarian side to her, too. In this instance, Tiki brings boundless joy to Paris’s orderly Virgo side. This happiness ignites Virgo’s motherly / nurturing traits, prompting her to want to take Aquarius under her wing and allow her to experience all her Aquarius nature wishes to see. Aquarius loves to travel and Virgo loves to help others learn and broaden their horizons.

There seems to be a natural kismet and flow to the way that Paris, Tiki, and Irie’s astrological signs mesh together — whether they happen to be born under those signs or adopted during that zodialogical period. It’s a series of happy coincidences that, astrologically speaking, work out beautifully!

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