How Much Time Do You Spend Vacuuming? #Neato

With two large dogs and four cats in our household, you can bet that we do a lot of vacuuming.

But we still don’t do enough.

The tumbleweeds of pet hair form on our wood floors and roll whenever a door is shut, sending a little burst of breeze through the house. On our rugs and carpeted floors, the fur clings to the carpet or–even worse–makes its way beneath the furniture where (let’s be honest) it will remain far too long before one of us actually moves the furniture out of the way to vacuum beneath.

But now that’s about to change, we hope. This week we’re going to be reviewing the Neato Robotic vacuum. This bagless vacuum uses the latest technology (like that used by the Google self-drive car) to find its way around our house, map out its way, clean under the furniture (hooray!), clean the edges of the room, make straight little rows as it cleans up and down the carpet, even return to the charger when it’s done.

Stay tuned as we put the Neato to the test in this fur-filled house!

The dirt on home cleaning habits?

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