Organizing Your Dog Gear


Are you getting ready to organize your home for the holidays? Today we have a special guest post about organizing your garage to contain at least some of your dog gear this winter.

Living with a dog is both a pleasure and a joy. However, keeping track of their toys, food and other miscellaneous items can be a chore. Sometimes creating space for all your animal’s toys can be especially hard when you’re in a crunch for space. A highly under-utilized space in the home is the garage. This space is great for especially stinky or messy items of your dog’s.

Dog Food: One of the largest items associated with your dog is food. Unfortunately, their food is sometimes smelly–which can attract pests. A great way to store dog food, especially if you buy it in bulk, is in food-safe tubs (or food kept in its original container and placed securely in a larger tub). These tubs will keep food dry and safe from rodents and other small animals. For quick accessibility, store your tub at an arm’s reach. Click-on lids will ensure that your pet will not be getting into their food when they are not supposed to.

Toys: In most cases, toys are usually strewn around the house from use. However, when switching out toys, and storing new ones, it’s sometimes hard to find a place to do so in the house. Garage cabinets provide a protected space for storage. Stinky toys can be stored out of sight and out of mind. This will keep both your home and garage looking and smelling clean and organized.

Leashes and Collars: Everyone has had the experience of trying to untangle all the leashes because they are stored in a pile. Storing leashes on hooks on shelving is a great way to stop this problem from happening. Even better, it allows you to quickly pick a leash or collar when you’re in a hurry. When looking for hooks that fit your unique situation, make sure they are adjustable.

Doggie Bags: Finding a place for the doggie bags can be hard. Like with the toys, cabinets are a great place to store unused doggie bags. Keeping this unwanted chore out of mind until it’s cleanup time.

Clean Flooring: Unfortunately, the garage is where lots of accidents happen. Whether it’s when you load a nervous puppy into the car for his first doctor’s visit, or take your pooch out of the car after a long trip- accidents are likely to happen. If you have concrete in your garage, these accidents can leave stains that are ugly. Epoxy floor coatings are a great way to add design to your garage that is also versatile. Spills that may happen can easily be wiped up with mop and your regular household cleaner. Clean up will leave a floor without a trace of past accidents.

Keeping toys and other items associated with your dog shouldn’t be a hassle. Simple things like tubs, clean flooring, cabinets, and a hook system can make a big difference. This will leave you more time for the things that matter, like quality time with your dog.

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