Putting on a Dog Harness The Right Way!

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As we’ve written about many times in the past and talked about on our DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS radio show, both Irie and Tiki wear Kurgo harnesses. They know when they see the harnesses come out that we’re headed somewhere fun! When we reach the destination, we’re able to use the harnesses and walking harnesses, too, allowing the dogs to start their explorations right away without a change in gear.


The harnesses keep the dogs secure in the car, and give us the peace of mind of know that, in the event of an accident, not only are they protected but they’re also secured in the car in case a door should suddenly open. When we reach our destination, we know that, although they’ve been trained to remain in the car until we tell them they’re released, we don’t have to worry about either dog suddenly bolting (“Squirrel!”) when a door opens because they are secured.

Kurgo has just released this handy infographic about how to secure and adjust the harness to your dog. It’s very easy and, we’re happy to say, once you’ve adjusted the harness, you’ll be all set from then on, unless your dog is still growing!

Infographic from Kurgo at

How to put on a dog harness

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  • Dawn Ross

    The Kurgo is one of the easiest dog seat belts for me to put on my dogs. 🙂