Winter Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy


As winter temperatures plunge to record levels in much of North America, we wanted to look at some of the most important winter topics to keep your dog safe, healthy, and happy during this cold spell:

Help Arthritic Dogs with the Cold. Just like us, winter’s cold temperatures make joints ache more for arthritic dogs. See The Caring Vet column for Dr. Jeff’s tips on how to help your senior dog stay active and comfortable during the cold weather.

Give Your Dog a Dry Bath During the Winter. A dry bath sprinkled on your dog’s coat can be a good way to keep your dog’s fresh between baths when the weather is cold. This post includes the ingredients you’ll need to make your own dry dog shampoo!

Clean Your Dog’s Paws After a Snowy Walk. Snow and ice work their way between paw pads and de-icing chemicals can also coat your dog’s paws on your return home. See what you should do before, during and after your snowy walk for your dog’s safety and comfort.

Keep Your Dog Warm in the Winter. This guest post covers a wide variety of winter issues: your dog’s first winter, exercise changes, keeping an eye out for dangerous winter substances such as antifreeze, and more.

Care For Your Dog’s Skin in the Winter. Argh, we all know the discomfort of dry winter skin, right? The same holds true for our dogs. See these tips from petMD on how to care for your dog’s skin and coat during these cold, dry months.

Keep Your Dog Active. Don’t let your dog become a canine couch potato just because it’s cold outside; our guest post on Rug Doctor’s site features ways to keep your dog active this winter.

Watch for Winter Dangers. Winter brings its own special safety worries, from stray dogs seeking a warm spot beneath your car to your dog finding spilled antifreeze on a walk.

Continue to Prevent Heartworms During the Winter. Yes, it seems like every last mosquito is dead and gone…but they’re not and the heartworm danger to your dogs continue during the winter months.

Help Feral Cats. Do you tend to a feral cat colony or help out a few strays? With some very simple and low-cost shelters such as those made from plastic storage bins, you can help feral cats survive the winter. Our Pet360 post discusses ways you can help through shelters, food, and water. Frozen water is a real hazard; see how you a tablespoon of a sugar can slow the freezing of water and how solar bowls can provide kitties with water in frigid conditions.

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