Why You Should Introduce Your Dog to Skype


Would you like to keep an eye on your dog while you’re at work or away? Would you like your friends overseas to be able to “meet” your dog? Or would you like an easy way to communicate with your pet sitter while you’re traveling?

We found many great reasons to make sure you’ve got Skype up and running–and set so you can view your dog– in our new guest post for Skype: “10 Reasons You Should Introduce Your Pet to Skype.”

I’m Skype’s Pet Ambassador and will be bringing you more ways to use Skype with your pets in the coming months but, first, I’d love to hear from YOU. Do you ever use Skype to check in on your dog while you’re away? Does your dog “talk” over Skype? Please leave a comment and let me know the ways you use Skype in your pet home!

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  • Parenting Furkids

    Vlad and Barkly “talk” over Skype to our youngest son that’s in the USAF. They hear that “Skype” sound over the stereo, and they run for the computer trying to get at the screen first. Just haven’t figured out how to let them “answer” it themselves in case he calls when we’re not home.

    • How fun!! You can put Skype on autoanswer (that’s how people check in on their dogs when they’re at work!) That is so neat that they recognize the sound!! Paris

  • Carrie Johnson Boyko

    Oliver recognizes voices on Skype and will “Speak” on command to say hello to family. Tanner seems to be completely clueless to Skype and voices from the computer so far. I suppose it is partly because he is not on my lap looking at the screen, as Oliver is. At 70 lbs., that’s probably a good thing. Isn’t this fun!

    • I wonder if that lap time is the difference! Oliver sees the screen at a completely different angle. I wonder if you put a laptop on the floor if Tanner would respond differently?? I’ve got to try that with Irie and Tiki! Paris

      • Carrie Johnson Boyko

        Good idea! I’ll try to remember that the next time I use Skype with family. I guess I should try it with Facetime also. Thanks!

  • Shelly

    Layla talks to her grandma in South Africa on Skype once a week, she just hears my Moms voice and like a bullet she dances around the chair till I pick her up, they have a talk and then my Mom waves goodbye and I pick up Laylas paw to wave, its really cute BOL

    • Aww…that is SO cute!! What a great way for your mom to stay in touch with everyone in your life!!