10 Travel Uses for Nutrish Tubs!


Irie and Tiki go through a lot of Rachael Ray Nutrish® Naturally Delish™ wet food. As a result, we wind up with a LOT of plastic tubs, a reusable tub that also includes a lid. As the numbers began to stack up (I couldn’t make myself toss them), I decided to find a way to upcycle these handy tubs, especially for our travels with Irie and Tiki. Here are my 10 favorite uses:

Use Tubs as a Food Dish

When we’re camping, we use the Nutrish tub as a dish itself, letting Irie and Tiki eat directly from the tub. No dishes to clean!


Use Tubs to Create Easy Low-Cal Ice Treats

After feeding Irie and Tiki, I fill the unwashed tub about 2/3rds full of water and freeze. The broth left over from the meal makes this a tasty and low calorie pup-sicle!

Create a Mini First Aid Kit

We’ve created our own compact doggie first aid kit using a Nutrish tub, including our most commonly used items: tweezers, bandage tape, wound ointment, Benadryl for Tiki’s wasp allergy, and a few other small items.

Collect Seashells

Breakable seashells make it home safely with the protection of the tub. We’ve also used tubs to collect sand or even sturdy seashells that need a good scrubbing once we get home.

Create Your Own Wet Wipes

Need some wet cleanup cloths for the day? Tear off paper towels (or use small washcloths), fold, add water and allow towels to absorb water for about 10 minutes. When done, pour out any extra water, and then seal with the Nutrish lid. The cloths will remain wet through the day for washing off muddy paws (or sticky fingers).

Store Hair Accessories

Especially for beach trips, I keep elastic hair brands, clips, and headbands in a Nutrish tub. No more lost hair bands!

Freeze Water for Car Trips

Fill tubs 2/3rds full of water and freeze. Once frozen, cover with Nutrish lids. Place the frozen water bowls in a cooler and, one by one, take them out for your dog throughout the day. The ice will melt slowly, providing your dog with cool water as you travel through the day.

Use Tubs as a Spare Water Bowl

Need a quick water bowl for the car? To toss in your purse in case your dog needs to share your water bottle while you’re out? Just carry along a clean, dry tub and fill with water when needed.

Measure & Store Dry Food

Do you also feed your dog dry food? Pre-measure the amount of food for each meal and carry it in the handy tubs.

Store Our Munchies

Since the Nutrish tubs are made of food-safe plastic, we also use them for storing our munchies while traveling. We always have at least one tub filled with nuts for our day trips.

This post is sponsored by Rachael Ray Nutrish. All thoughts and opinions are our own. As always, thank you for reading and supporting our sponsors.


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  • Mary at Awesome Dog

    LOVE the pup-sicle idea!!!

  • SGilbert

    I am so glad I am not the only one that can’t toss the Nutrish containers. I make my own wet food from left over broth, vegetables, chicken and turkey. I freeze it and get it out when I want to give them an extra treat on their dry dog food. I use it for treats in going in the car too! The triplets love to put their stuff to eat in the nutrish bowls when we are out by the pool. I can put their names on it and we don’t have any fight over who has what container. Great for the triplets crayons too! I use them to send home food with my sons and their wives when they come over to eat.

    • What a great idea; they’re perfectly sized for crayons, aren’t they?! I just love the frozen treats because I can give the dogs treats without a lot of extra calories!!

  • catchatcaren

    you are so clever!! Leave it to you!!! Love it! xoxo

    • LOL…I also use a lot of them for office supplies!