#Infographic: Identifying Treats and Toxins to Your Dog

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Trick or treat may be a favorite Halloween cry — but making sure you select foods and treats that are safe for your dog rather than toxic is a year-around worry. Some foods that are perfectly safe for humans including onions, grapes, and chocolate are toxic to our dogs. With Easter just around the corner, make sure you put those chocolate Easter bunnies well out of reach of your dog!

Other foods are great to share with your dog — including carrots, a great option for a spring snack for Spot. Superfoods like blueberries also make a great treat (and they’re the perfect size for petite training treats that won’t pack on the calories.)

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The Ruff Side of Rawhide

Rawhide has long been a favorite treat for many dogs–but it also has its risks. At our house, we no longer give rawhide to Irie and Tiki. As much as they love chewing on it, the risk of choking is too great. We’ve had many instances where one of our dogs, usually Irie, would chew the rawhide for a few minutes then suddenly swallow it — or attempt to swallow the slightly softened chew. We know, though, that less determined chewers may find real benefit in rawhide treats. The infographic below has some of the pros and cons for you to consider before your next rawhide purchase.

Can You Share These Tips?

You’ll find more tips on treating your dog in this great infographic from Vet-Medic.com. If you have friends who love dogs as much as you do, please pin it on your Pinterest board or share it with one of the social media buttons above so everyone can keep their dogs safe from these dangerous toxins!
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