Skype with Your Dog – Celebrity Style!

From signing autographs to attending red carpet premieres, the professional life of a globe-trotting celebrity may be glamorous, but it also means spending time apart from the dogs who play major roles in their personal lives. To keep in touch with their furry family members, Tinseltown stars have embarked on a new trend: bonding with their barking buddies via Skype.

Two famous friends of Fidos have recently confided that they use the technology to connect with their tail-wagging chums. A doting Dad to dogs Dali and Allegra, Golden Globe winner Hugh Jackman — who is currently traveling in support of the new sci-fi flick Chappie— revealed in a radio interview that “I do Skype my dogs…Technology is great.”

Actor Russell Tovey, who starred in the supernatural series Being Human, also confessed in a BBC interview that he turns to the telecommunications application software to help bridge the distance from his beloved French Bulldog Rocky during his lengthy stays in Australia filming the BBC Two series Banished.

Pet parents who want to check in with their fur babies when they are away from home can following in the footsteps of the famous by checking out Skype. Simply set Skype to answer automatically within “Call Settings,” point your camera to the spot where you think Spot will stand and call when you want to check in.

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