Saving Money with Amazon Coupons

Did you realize that Amazon has an extensive coupon section…including pet coupons? You’ll need to sign in to your Amazon account to see all the coupons but they’re very easy to use. Select a category on the left side of the Amazon coupon page (this is a small sampling of the many pet supply coupons […]

Considering Pet Insurance: Turning in Our First Claim

As our readers know, last week our Tiki was sick with a still-undiagnosed fever. She was at the vet’s office for three days, coming home at night with an IV catheter in her arm (and a cone to keep her from removing the catheter!) She had urine tests, X-rays, tick titers, and more. I’m really, […]

Raising Veterinary Funds through IndieGoGo

We often get emails from readers asking about ways to raise money for their dog’s care. We recently learned about IndieGoGo, a crowdfunding website, and how one couple used this innovative site to raise money for their new puppy’s veterinary expenses. Travis Stephens and Jillian Keener had Mochi (above) only but a day before they […]

Helping Overseas Military Pet Lovers with Your Coupons

I was just doing some research about manufacturer’s coupons and came upon some Facebook pages for companies that collect coupons–both ones you can use and expired coupons–to send to military families overseas. I know we often have pet food coupons that we can’t use, whether because they’re for food we don’t buy or because we […]

Helping Pet Charities with Kroger Community Rewards

Looking for a way to help your favorite animal non-profit without spending any extra money yourself? If you already shop at Kroger grocery stores, one way is through the Kroger Community Rewards program. After enrollment, you’ll receive a card that you’ll swipe each time you check out to donate a percentage of your purchase to […]

Using Aggregator Sites for Pet Purchases

Saving money on your dog (and cat) purchases is more important than ever with today’s rising prices…and shopping online can be a great way to compare prices and save gas money at the same time. Today we have a special guest tip from consumer savings expert Regina Novickis about using aggregator websites to locate coupon […]

Comparing Annual Cost of Small vs. Large Dogs

This week we compared the costs you’ll face the first year when adding a small dog versus a large dog to your family.  Today we’re going to look at the continued cost comparison for a small versus a large dog. For your annual costs, the ASPCA estimates these minimum costs: Small dog: $580 Medium dog: […]

Comparing the Initial Cost of Small vs. Large Dogs

Are small dogs less expensive to live with than large dogs? While it’s easy to guess that the cost of food will be more for a large dog than a smaller dog, what about the start-up costs when that dog first arrives at your home? The ASPCA has issued some good guidelines on dog costs, […]

Bartering for Dog-Related Services

Do you need a dog trainer? A groomer? A dog sitter? You might be able to barter your own skills to “pay” for dog-related services. First, decide what skills you have to barter with—whether it’s dog-related skills (walking, grooming, pet sitting) or non-related (tax preparation, housecleaning, baking). While direct bartering is an easy way to […]

Saving Money on Dog Training Classes

Training your dog is an important part of your life with your four-legged friend. Although it can mean an initial investment, good training can save you money down the line. As you look into dog training options, here are some tips on fetching some discounts along the way: Ask about buddy discounts. Some dog training […]