Cleaning Up Muddy Pawprints

This has been a week of rain in the Austin area, due in part to Hurricane Odile. Although the downside is that it caused flash flooding in some areas (not here), the rain was much-needed after a long, long drought. But, as we all know, rain means mud. And mud means muddy pawprints. How can […]

Keeping Muddy Paw Prints Out of Your Car #Kurgo

We have to say that we’ve been strangers to mud the past few years…for the most part. Texas has been in a record drought so rainy days have been few…and VERY far…between. This week, though, we got some rain. It was such a novelty that our six-month-old kitten Lucky ran to the window, staring out […]

Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Dog Beds

We’ve been covering that annual rite of spring lately with posts on cleaning your living room and bedroom in a pet-friendly way. Now it’s time to turn our attention to cleaning pet products themselves–specifically your pet beds. Dog beds (and cat beds) come in all types of sizes and styles, depending on your budget, your […]

Spring Cleaning in Pet Homes: Kitchens

Kitchens are not just the place where we make our own food–but also the place where we prepare, serve, and store our pets’ foods. Although they may not be as large as some of the other rooms in our homes (our kitchen is one of the smallest rooms in our house, in spite of being […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Pet Household: Bedroom

Thursday is the day we’ve all been waiting for: the official start of spring! Not only does it mark a change of seasons but it’s also time for a rite of spring: the annual cleaning. Sure, we clean on a day-to-day basis but spring means a time to roll up our sleeves and really do […]

Cleaning Dog Toys: A Simple Guide

If you’re a dog parent, you’ll appreciate how much fun your pets can have with squeaky chews and rubber toys. It’s possible to spend hours in the park playing fetch with your canine friend and toys are a fantastic way of interacting with your dog. However, it stands to reason that with excessive use, our […]

12 Ways to Use Cat Litter (Even If You Don’t Have Cats!)

With four cats in our home, we use a lot of cat litter. But even if you don’t share your house with cats, you’ll find that cat litter is one pet product that’s not only for pet use! Here are a dozen ways you can use cat litter around your home: Absorb odors in old […]

Cleaning Your Dog’s Bowls

Let’s face it: dog bowls are dirty. Whether you feed commercial dog food, raw food, or a homemade diet, your dog dishes or plates quickly become dirty. Our dogs both dine from flat metal plates, ones that slow down each dog a bit compared to eating from a bowl. (We have to watch that our […]

How Much Time Do You Spend Vacuuming? #Neato

With two large dogs and four cats in our household, you can bet that we do a lot of vacuuming. But we still don’t do enough. The tumbleweeds of pet hair form on our wood floors and roll whenever a door is shut, sending a little burst of breeze through the house. On our rugs […]

Infographic: Traveling Spotlessly with Spot

Travel can be messy business! Whether you’re wrestling mud and slush during winter getaways or contending with the potty accidents can happen even to the best housetrained dog when on the road, it pays to be prepared. In researching our new DogTipper’s Texas with Dogs guidebook, we put in hundreds of miles with Irie and […]