Creating a Fire Evacuation Plan for Pet-Friendly Offices


This time of year, the danger of fire is always on our mind, thanks to our ongoing drought and high wildfire risk here in Texas. It’s a topic, though, that is important everywhere throughout the year since fires strike homes and businesses every single day. Many of those fires impact pets. The National Volunteer Fire […]

Summer Health Tips for Your Pooch: Keeping Fido Safe in the Sun


Today we have a guest post from Sara Stringer about an important topic as we all face the heat with our dogs! Staying cool and healthy during the summer is a challenge for all of us, human and canine alike. You already know how to keep yourself from succumbing to the heat. Do you know […]

7 Things Your Dog Should Never Do in the Car


We love carrying our dogs in the car with us, whether it’s on vacation, a day trip or just to the bank’s drive-through window. But safety has to take priority on every trip, no matter how short. Here’s a list of seven deadly sins that you need to make sure you and your dog never […]

Keeping Your Dog Safe In a Hurricane


As many of you know, before we were pet writers, we were travel guidebook writers specializing in the Caribbean. We traveled to the islands many times every year as we researched our guidebooks. Because of the publishing schedule of travel guidebooks (and because hotels host travel writers at a time when demand is lowest), most […]

Dog Park Safety Tips


The past few months, we’ve been visiting dog parks everywhere as we research our next guidebook. While we love dog parks for the fun that they can offer dogs and especially for the great off-leash opportunity for traveling dogs that are tired of riding in the car, we’ve seen some bad practices at many parks. […]

Hiking with Dogs Checklist


Summer is here, at least in terms of the weather outside! If sunshine and chirping birds are your signal that it’s time to enjoy the outdoors with your dog, you’ll want to take a look at this handy checklist for hiking with dogs. Hitting the trails means fun for everyone, especially our four-legged pals who […]

Identifying Toxins on National Poison Prevention Week


This week is National Poison Prevention Week, and it’s a good time to go over some of the many toxins that dogs are at risk of ingesting in our homes. The Pet Poison Helpline recently released the five most common causes for calls that its hotline receives. Please take a few moments to look over […]

Guarding Against Ticks


Autumn means good weather and a great time to get outdoors with your dog and explore with hiking excursions, camping trips and longer daily walks. Unfortunately, that fine weather also spells more exposure to ticks that can lie in wait in the woods, ready to attack you and your dog. Step one in the fight […]

Beating the Heat


Over on the Nutro Knowledge Network, we’ve been talking lately about ways to beat the heat during these dog days of summer. Here in Texas, it’s still 100 degrees (and our AC decided to break down yesterday…don’t let me get started on that topic!) With Irie and Tiki, we take special care to walk early […]

Keeping Your Pets Cool When You’re Not Home


I just walked out on our front porch, and it’s already 105 degrees out there…so when these tips came in from TXU Energy and the SPCA of Texas, we knew we had to share them! TXU Energy shares things you can do to conserve that won’t stress your pets as well as do’s and don’ts, […]

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