A Traveling Pug Attends BlogWorld Expo 2011

Guest post by Sheila Appleby Williams

Celebrity Pug, Phoebe Rose (atravelingpug.com) and her freelance writer-Mom, Sheila Appleby Williams, attended the highly anticipated BlogWorld Expo at the LA convention center November 3-5, 2011. The Expo was founded by Rick Calvert (CEO of Blogworld.com, the popular New Media site) and a dog-daddy to 2 Karelian Bear rescue pups.

I spoke with Rick who believes we are in the “infancy” stage of the New Media (only 6% of the population are on Twitter!).

Seminar professionals stressed that major brands (advertisers and clients) are looking for “influencers”-people who have a significant number of loyal followers on Twitter, blogs, Facebook, etc.

The first Blogworld Expo was held in 2007 and attracted a little over 1000 attendees. This year’s event was expected to attract over 4,000 New Media fans including bloggers, brand ambassadors, social media professionals, and Internet marketers, who paid $377 daily to attend the three day seminar and networking event. Calvert predicts over 50,000 attendees within the next few years.

“You don’t have to be a “techie” to have a great blog, it’s more important to be passionate about your subject,” says the BlogWorld guru. “The quality and the relevancy of the content are what matters,” he emphasized.

For those who are interested, a virtual ticket can be purchased for $347 (at a fraction of the in-person cost) that includes the 100+ recorded sessions of industry professionals.

Up close and personal with Isocket’s Dom Lafaysse.

Pug people are everywhere! Sporting a “Pugs not drugs” t-shirt, San Francisco Isocket.com team member, Ryan, brings his pug, Frank, to work everyday.

Of course he had a great photo to show and email!

The fantastic team members of Blogger- they redesigned “atravelingpug.com” using the brand new blogger design tool “dynamic formatting.” Easy to implement, free and looks great!

Popular NYC style maven Ari Seth Cohen, of Advancedstyle.blogspot.com, made a guest appearance at the Blogger booth and gave us great tips about blogging format and design!

New Media people show their passion.

Phoebe Rose checked out the HIPSWAP booth- a great site to get rid of too much stuff: sell it, swap it, free it.

Phoebe Rose spent time at Southwest Airlines Emerging Media Booth. Those guys know how to have a good time.

Check out the smile booth photos below.

The Southwest “smile” photo booth was a big hit with event goers. Phoebe Rose wasn’t quite sure about it, but she tried to be a good sport.

The power of the New Media: These photos were tweeted by Southwest Air to over 1 million followers!

Another interview! Its been a fun and informative experience, but Phoebe Rose was ready to go home.

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