Celebrity Pug Launches Posh Pet Travel

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According to the savvy style radar of the May issue of People magazine- Traveling with Your Pets is “in” as ” Pet owners are increasingly bringing their four-legged friends with them on vacation, leading to an upswing in animal-focused travel services and goods.”

Phoebe Rose, celebrity pug, couldn’t be happier (or less surprised). Says the pupparazzi magnet herself, “Bien sur, traveling with your pets has never been “out” but I do agree that there are more fantastic fido-friendly travel options than ever before.”

As a canine with her paw on the pulse of the latest trends, Phoebe is delighted to be appointed the Pet Travel Ambassador for the recently launched,

Posh Pet Travel (devoted to “luxury loving people and their pampered pets”) is a boutique luxury pet travel resource with detailed reviews of upscale pet friendly hotels, pet travel tips, a celebrity photo gallery featuring Miss Rose and of course her ubiquitous blog, A visitor forum encourages hotel and travel reviews and comments.

For more information:

Photo courtesy Sheila Appleby Williams

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