Palatial Dog Homes Fit for a ‘Rex’

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘it’s a dog’s life’ and considered it to mean: to live one’s life filled with oppression and hardship. Not so for these pampered pooches, whose ‘dog’s life’ consists of living in luxurious puppy palaces, complete with plasma screen TV’s, automated chefs and original artworks.

In Gloucestershire, England, one canine lover has dedicated an amazing expense to the construction of a dog house for her two Great Danes.

Situated on over 300 square metres of land, this spectacular kennel quite rightly deserves the title of the World’s Most Expensive Dog House, boasting extravagant features that most people don’t even have in their human homes.

For example, a retinal scanner is required to access to this ‘Barkingham Palace’, while strategically placed dog-vision webcams ensure that the ‘riff-ruff’ remain on the other side of the fence.

Once inside, the pampered pooches can live it up in the private playground or splash about in the 18-inch saline spa-pool, while the $25,000 stereo system howls the Baha Men’s “Who Let The Dogs Out?” through its speakers.

Not in a partying mood? Then why not, take a break from chasing cars, and nap on a pure sheepskin bed, which is of course, temperature controlled for comfort; or just soak up the sun by the window and watch the neighbourhood cats go by.

Just like a real house, the kitchen is the heart of this dog-home. Inside the kitchen self-cleans and automated dispensers serve up chilled, filtered water and dry food whenever the dogs wish. And if that is not enough to make Lord Puppington the Third happy, there is also a 52-inch plasma television, complete with the collections of Lassie and Beethoven for the dogs to watch after a hard day’s bone burying.

Designed by architect Andy Ramus and incorporating materials such as zinc, glass and limestone, it is little wonder that this expensive slice of doggy heaven comes with an estimated price tag of around $417,000.

This house has literally ‘gone to the dogs’

If you are looking for a dog house with a more Hollywood feel, then this Hacienda kennel might be the right one for you. Designed for supermodel Rachel Hunter’s pampered pooches, you will need a wallet as deep as Snoop Dog’s to cover its $30,000 purchase price. Complete with real house features, such as running water, electricity, air conditioning and heating, this dog-home also includes unique dog-theme artwork hanging on its interior walls.

But what about some ‘ruffinement’?

It seems man’s best friend must experience all the opulent touches when it comes to premier kennel living. This next dog house, intended to encapsulate Victorian-era architecture was designed by renowned kennel architect, Alan Mowrer, and replicates their owner’s actual residence. Costing $20,000 to construct and featuring hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, central heating and air-conditioning, no expense was spared on this puppy palace, which also includes hand-made curtains, mini blinds, expensive wallpaper and ceiling fans.

While expensive dog houses might not be a perfect predictor for fluctuations in the real estate housing market, in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis, you may be scratching your head and wondering why some dog owners take out the equivalent of a second loan to build such lavish homes for their pets. Originally, I thought that too, but then I saw a picture of a dog in a Star Wars ATAT outfit and realised that our love affair with our four-legged friends has no point of excess. If owners want to build magnificent puppy palaces with all the creature comforts of a real home, then I proudly declare that you can send me to the dog house anytime!

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