Photos from the Alien Pet Costume Contest, Roswell, New Mexico

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by Sheila Williams, A Traveling Pug

Roswell, New Mexico was the location of the annual July UFO Festival weekend. We had to check it out—especially since one of the popular events was an Alien Pet Costume Contest.

Saturday’s pet event attracted an enthusiastic crowd, despite temperatures in the high 90’s (plenty of water was available for thirsty furry participants) as well as dog cookies to keep contestants spirits up.

The panel of judges had a difficult time deciding on the winners in the categories of creative, cute and scary.

Here are the winners. Second place went to this hand crocheted duo…

…first place winner was this alien cat carrier!

Phoebe Rose didn’t win…

…and didn’t seem to care, since she was treated like a winner at La Quinta Hotel in Roswell—no pet deposit, no size or weight restrictions and plenty of freebies!

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  • Jessica Sala

    LOL I love the hotel photo

    • http://www.dogtipper.com/ Paris & John

      LOL…isn’t that great!!

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