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We are very happy to welcome a new sponsor here on DogTipper: Kurgo!

As you know, we are big, big believers in safely securing your dog in the car, whether you’re out running errands, taking a day trip, or off on the trip of a lifetime. Both Irie and Tiki wear Kurgo harnesses any time they’re in the car. These are harnesses that we purchased shortly after we adopted Irie and Tiki, once we researched the different options.

irie-kurgo-jettyWEBThe harnesses not only give us peace of mind in case of an accident, a sudden stop, or if a door should suddenly come open in transit–but harnesses also ensure that we don’t have to worry about one of the dogs suddenly jumping from the car when the door’s opened upon arrival. (Last year when I spoke about pet travel at BarkWorld, several attendees had just that concern of their dogs jumping out before they could be properly leashed. Securing your dog in the car, whether by a harnesses and seat belt or a booster seat for little dogs, means that your dog will be safely in place when you arrive and open the door to leash him and remove him from the car safely.)

Good Value

As you know, we’re always looking for good value in pet products. We’ve had our Kurgo harnesses several years and they’re showing no signs of wear (in spite of very frequent use while we were researching our DogTipper’s Texas with Dogs guidebook last year!) ALL Kurgo products are covered by a lifetime warranty covering any manufacturing defects; if the product starts to wear out (or if a chewing dog helps it along its way), you can even return it for repair or replacement for a nominal fee.

Our Kind of Company

We’re also excited about this partnership because we love to support USA-based, family-owned businesses. Founded by brothers Kitter Spater and Gordie Spater, Kurgo is definitely a business built by dog lovers, for dog lovers. I’ve interviewed Gordie Spater several times on DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS; his love for dogs really comes across and it’s easy to see that he turned this love of dogs into his life’s work.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you more about different Kurgo products (including all the great winter coats that Kurgo offers!) and ways to get ready for spring getaways with your dog. And, of course, you know how much we love giveaways so stay tuned for great giveaways and savings opportunities, too!

Disclosure: Kurgo is a sponsor of DogTippper.com. We only partner with companies whose products we use with our own dogs.

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Paris Permenter and John Bigley are the award-winning authors of over 30 pet and travel books as well as the founders and publishers of CatTipper and DogTipper.

  • SGilbert

    With the harness are Irie and Tiki able to sit up or walk around a little to look out the windows. I have a jeep and keep the seat down for them so they sleep or look around. When you travel with your dogs are they harnessed in a seat?

    • No, we travel with the back seat down (I have a Jeep, too!) I use connectors to attach to the tie-downs in the back of the Jeep. (Do you have them about halfway back on the seat? They’re black and a little hard to see if you’re not looking.) This connector then attaches to the harness. Both dogs have enough room to move around but not enough lead that they tangle together. It’s also not long enough that they can jump out when the door’s opened! Some people also like to use zip lines like this one: http://www.kurgostore.com/kurgo-brand-land/25-and-under/kurgo-auto-zip-line-leash-zip-line-combo/ Paris

      • SGilbert

        As soon as it gets warmer I am going to check it out. I just traded my Jeep Commander for a new Jeep Cherokee. I was having problems and they could not find how to fix it. I will check the back when the weather gets warmer. I just want Schooner and SKipper to have room to move around a little. Thanks so much Paris and John. I going to go and check out Kurgo!

  • margie54

    Great tradename in quality products for pets. Love the useability, workability of what they offer. Also they are well made which means they last and last. I like what Kurgo offers. I have 3 GSD’s rescue now that appreciate quality!

    • I love that they last and last (and our girls are kind of tough on products!) Both Irie and Tiki are so happy to put on their Kurgo harnesses for all our trips! Paris