Mark Your Calendar for #DogFilmFestivalNYC – Oct. 15, 2016


A cinematic celebration of the love between people and their pals with paws, fans of films and Fidos in The Big Apple will have the chance to cheer for budding “Paw”drey Hepburns and Brad “Pit”s on the big screen when the second annual Dog Film Festival New York City is unleashed.

The historic Symphony Space (a performing arts center on Manhattan’s Upper West Side which is a star in its own right, thanks to a cameo in the Academy Award-winning classic Annie Hall) will shine a spotlight on a winning combination of feel good family-friendly animated shorts, inspiring documentaries and live-action mini-movies which share a theme of dogged devotion to man’s best friend.

The Dog Film Festival is separated into four themed programs, each running approximately two hours.

Dogs British Style: The English View of Dogs will put smiles on the faces of attendees with flicks from across the pond, such as:

  • Sniff— Starring Tony and Emmy Award winner Amanda Plummer, this 87-minute romp tells the tale of two British actors who don canine costumes to greet hotel guests in an attempt to raise funds for their “pet projects”– dog documentaries.
  • Rocket— Aptly named Bowie, a tiny intrepid terrier might discover if there’s “Life on Mars” when he builds his very own space ship.
  • Pup Culture— This 10-minute rib-tickling documentary captures some of the quirky ways that canines have embedded themselves in British life.
  • Nobody’s Perfect— An uplifting Australian documentary shows just how special our furry friends with special needs truly are.
  • For the Love of Dog— The camera captures all the cute ways that pet parents describe their affection for their four-legged friend in this delightful documentary.

The sight of canines in cold climates will warm the hearts go movie-goers during the Dogs in the Outdoors: Adventure and Sport program, which includes:

  • Mystery of the Arctic Cairn— Four sled dogs help a team of explorers as they embark on a mission to find the near mythical “cairn” stone monuments. A must-see for admirers of all creatures great and small, the film also includes images of the animals who call the Arctic Circle home, such as polar bears, foxes, wolves and rabbits.
  • The Fable of the Wolf— The travel theme continues with this two-minute animated revelation of the wolf’s evolution.
  • Pull— Movie-goers will become virtual mushers as they watch this two-minute tribute to sled dogs.
  • Lola on Ice— a one-minute clip features a claymation canine.
  • Dog Power— Cheer for canines competing in snow-themed sports.
  • My Trail Dog— A heart-tugging look at a loner who jogs with his dogs on the Alps.
  • One Man and His Dog— An Australian man shares his love of skateboarding with his Samoyed in this sweet three-minute clip.
  • Snowmaggedon— Home movies show how a Border Collie handles the sight of ice flows on a New England beach.

Saving dogs in need takes center stage during Dogs Make the World Go Round: Who Rescued Whom? presentation, which features the following:

  • Love Unleashed— Senior dogs get a new lease on life in this inspirational documentary.
  • Pete the Dog— A moving look at a puppy mill/pet store puppy and the lasting effects that his early days have had on his life.
  • Second Chances— Prisoners help shelter dogs get a second chance at life with forever families.
  • Street Dogs— This social documentary takes a look at how spay/neuter/return programs are changing the lives of homeless dogs around the world.
  • Dogs: Guilty of Jealousy— Does the green-eyed monster affect our four-legged friends?
  • Bad Dog: A Penitentiary Tale— A socially conscious and funny tale re-enacting a period of history that will defy viewers’ expectations.
  • Awesome Living with Andy— A wheelchair bound canine shows the world that he’s not bound by restrictions in life.

The Champions presentation features an award-winning documentary and other life-affirming mini-movies:

  • The Champions— The true tale of Pit Bulls who were rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring, this uplifting documentary shows how the dogs triumphed over the terror of their past with help from Best Friends Animal Society.
  • DOG— Enjoy a peek of life from a pup’s point of view.
  • #lakehollywood— A wry narrative film about a couple and where their dog fits in their relationship.
  • The Dogist— A cinematic snapshot of famous NYC street dog photographer Elias.
  • Couleur— An animated film paints a portrait of a Parisian pooch who makes the world a little brighter.

A happening with heart, half of all the proceeds from the Dog Film Festival in New York City will benefit The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, which is a coalition of more than 150 rescue groups and shelters working together to end pet homelessness. While the festival is a humans-only event, an adoption van will be parked outside the venue to offer potential pet parents the chance to meet an array of adorable, adoptable dogs from one of its participating rescue organizations.

Tickets: $15 for adults, $10 for children (per screening)

When: October 15, 2016 (Dogs British Style screening at 11 a.m.; Dogs in the Outdoors: Adventure and Sport at 2 p.m.; Love Makes the World Go Round: Who Rescued Whom? at 5 p.m. and The Champions at 8 p.m.)

Where: Symphony Space at 96th and Broadway in New York City

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