National Pet Travel Safety Day – Jan. 2nd

As the start of a new year is the traditional time to make resolutions, January 2nd has been deemed National Pet Travel Safety Day— a day created by celebrity pet and family lifestyle expert Colleen Paige in order to heightened awareness of our tail-wagging chum’s traveling needs.

If you are a pet parent for whom traveling down the road of life literally means traveling down roads with your canine companion, whether your idea of adventure is embarking on a cross-country trek with your pal with paws or simply popping down to the local dog park, a few simple dog travel tips can help you avoid any potential pitfalls:

  • Even though our buddies who bark may love the feel of the breeze in their fur, sticking their head out the car window can lead to a run in with disaster due to flying debris. Your dog’s head should remain inside the vehicle at all times! (Also see: 7 things your dog should never do in the car)
  • Just as you would never leave the driveway without ensuring that your child is safely buckled in with a seat belt or securely fastened into a car seat or booster seat, so your fur baby should also be restrained when you get behind the wheel. An unsecured dog is a danger to your dog, your passengers, and the driver. (Also see: Why we always buckle up our dogs)
  • Before heading out, make sure that your dog has up-to-date ID tags and current vaccinations.
  • Be prepared for mishaps by stocking a first aid kit for your canine. (Also see: Making an emergency plan when you travel with dogs)
  • To prevent dehydration, pack plenty of water and a water bowl for your trip. A clip-on water bowl is useful for hikes and roadside stops, too. (Also see: Summer Pet Safety Tips)
  • Give your dog opportunities to stretch his legs with rest stops every two or three hours. Not only is it good for your dog, but the stop is good for the driver as well.
  • Remember that you should NEVER leave a dog alone in a car. Doing so puts your pet at risk of heat injuries, hypothermia and theft.

More dog travel safety tips:

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