Giveaway: Clean+Green & Better Buddies Bedroll CLOSED

**This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to Joan T., our winner out of 1098 entries!**

Are you ready for holiday company? We’ve got a giveaway that can get your household ready, with Clean+Green natural pet stain and odor removers for your home and car as well as a Better Buddies Bedroll for your dog or your cat!

The Prizes: We’re running this giveaway both here and on CatTipper using the same Rafflecopter (below) so you need to enter only in one place. One winner will receive:

  • 3 Cans of Clean+Green in Fabric Refresher, Carpet & Upholstery and Auto (MSRP $9.99 each) Clean+Green natural pet stain and odor removers are safe for people, pets  and the planet! Using a patented formula, Clean+Green encapsulates and eliminates stain and odor on contact – even skunk odor – by naturally  biodegrading the stain or odor source. The all-natural formula delivers instant results in a safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly solution. Ingredients include cane sugar derivatives, a proprietary blend of botanical extracts, hydrated cellulose, purified water, and a natural aerosol propellant (nitrogen).
  • 1 Small Bedroll in Denim (24″ x 18″, MSRP $39.99) from Better Buddies. Made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton and Hemp so pet fur wipes right off. Portable and lightweight, providing the perfect bed for any surface-from crate to couch to car, these bedrolls are made in the USA and are machine washable. Great for both dogs and cats.

How to Enter

We’ve got lots of ways to enter in the Rafflecopter below. You can enter using just one of the methods below…or as many of the other ones as you’d like! This giveaway is open to US mailing addresses only. The giveaway ends at 12:01am Eastern on Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011. Good luck!

Disclosure: We were provided with these prizes for review; we were not paid to conduct this giveaway. We have reviewed the Clean+Green products but we have not reviewed Better Buddies.

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  • The livingroom. This is yet another wonderful giveaway — thank you for the chance to win.

  • Lori Miller

    The living room! It’s the doggiest! LOL

  • I “like” Cleanandgreen on facebook.

  • I “like” Better-Buddies on facebook.

  • Debbie B

    I love free stuff and my doggies will love this too!

  • Kelly Ann T.

    I would freshen up the greatroom before company arrived.

  • Michelle Spayde

    The sun room.

  • Kathy Godbey

    It is all equally a mess so I have to say the whole house.

  • Sharon

    The living room maybe the whole house!!

  • PepperPom

    The living room! That is where the litter box is. BOL!!

  • Ruth D

    the dining room. it was poo and pee central when they were puppies because that’s where the door to the backyard is.

  • Cassandra Godwin

    Cassandra Godwin

    Would love to win the giveaway. Mainly for the cleaning products since one of my dogs doesn’t let me know whe he has an upset stomach. *Sigh* on the plus side its only about once or twice a month he leaves me a messy present.

  • Abby

    Probably always important to show that you have a clean bathroom. you always want the porclean to be sparkling!!!

  • Shelley

    The living room! That’s where the dogs and humans spend most of their time so it needs the most cleaning.

  • Karla Gutierrez-Pugh

    Would love to win the cleaning products & bedroll! We certainly need both in our apartment. Thx!

  • Oanh

    The living room and kids rooms.

  • JC

    The living room.

  • Shayna A.

    The Kitchen…

  • Danielle E.

    The family room, it is where Wilson spends the most time

  • JR Pickett

    The living room. It’s where the dogs spend the most time, other than my bedroom, and that doesn’t count. Great giveaway. Thanks.

  • i would love to win . i have 3 dogs very presious. sure could use it. ruby

  • Amy Orvin

    I’d most like to freshen up the kitchen and the den.

  • Devri

    I would like to clean up the kitchen area first and foremost. We have a dog bed in there, along with the dog’s basket of toys. Sometimes it just smells like dog!

  • I would love to freshen up my living and dining room before the holidays. With having 5 cats and 2 dogs I would love to win!

  • I’d like to freshen up the living room.

  • Ashley H.

    The living room

  • Pam

    My livingroom could use a few spritz of this, as well as my truck!

  • Dawn

    My Family room/aka DOG ROOM needs the freshening mostly!

  • Kim Wagoner

    I have 2 dogs! Would love to freshen up family room and front door entry!

  • TK

    The kitchen and the living room. They get the most use daily!

  • The living room plus my bedroom.I have cats and dogs and where I am they are.

  • Christina J

    Living room, the couch is where most of Lilys play and chew time occurs lol

  • Liz

    My great room, den, bedroom, car …. oh my goodness – everywhere could use freshening!!

    Thanks for letting us know about these great products! Hope I can try them soon!

  • laurel

    I have 4 dogs and I do my best to keep the house clean and them clean but in the winter months I could totally use a bit of help lol

  • Theresa Spaid

    Definately the living room where everyone gathers for all the holidays!

  • Cheryl Lynn Dean

    I have 4 furbabies I definatly could freshen up My bedroom and Living room and Kitchen being disabled I cant get to every little incident fast enough it is hard for me and the house sure smells of doggies . Thank you for giving us this chance to win for the Holidays.

  • Jodi Swanson

    living area…definitely! It’s the family gathering place–my husband, me, and our two pups! According to my husband, Wednesday nights are our Jedi’s favorite night for TV…Ultimate Fighter… 🙂

  • Shelly

    The living room is always full of dog beds & toys!

  • debbie

    I would say the living room.

  • Kelly

    I would like to freshen up the living room. It’s where everyone will be and where the dogs are always hanging out.

  • The front room and the basement.

  • JoeJames

    I would most like to freshen up the Living Room part of the house before holiday company arrives.

  • Misty

    The kitchen.

  • Nancy

    The living room.

  • Rick

    The guest bedroom.

  • Debby

    Need to refresh in the living room where all of the pups like to hang out.

  • Erica Stark

    The living room/dining room area

  • We don’t entertain at our house for the holidays but we are having a ski-movie party this montth. We coudl sure use to freshen up our couch and livingroom.,

  • Jennifer Lachman

    The living room carpet defiantly needs a refresher between the dog and the two cats!

  • My living room were all my animals hang out!

  • Heather Collins

    Would love the freshen up the living room!

  • the living room

  • Benny & Lily

    Cool beds and that stuff works wonders!
    Benny & Lily

  • Ruth D

    My dining room. It was poo and pee central when the girls were puppies because that’s where the door to outside is. Maybe I’ll adopt another older dog if this stuff really works!

  • Oh goodness the front room with the carpet!

  • Kim Davis

    I would love to freshen up the living room and the bedrooms.

    Thank you!

  • lisa

    living room/dining room

  • Ashley C

    the living room!

  • Marysa N.

    We spend most of our time in our family room & kitchen (which are connected) – both are usually in need of a cleaning!
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  • Kristen Theriot

    My parents room! It smells horrible from their dogs potty-ing all the time.

  • Allison Downes

    Living Room!

  • Mary

    Family Room

  • Heather

    We need to freshen up our living room before Christmas! Our new rescue has recently discovered he likes the mud so our off white carpet is now really off white :/

  • Tammy Dalton

    I constantly have to freshen up Max’s bed next to the couch and the area around it!!

  • kc

    All of the baby’s snuggle spots!

  • My car!

  • Jennifer Boehme

    My living room!

  • Sandy

    This one looks like a great combination.

    • Sandy

      …and I should have mentioned the family room is where we would use the freshen up items.

  • NicoleWhittemore

    could really use this

  • Trista

    the bedroom – he seems to LOVE it there…. lol

  • Ashley

    I desperately need to freshen up my couch! It amazes me how much my little guy can shed!

  • Mom to MAX – Grayce Blair

    the sofa

  • beth w.

    My couch.

  • Lisa

    The Main Entrance..

  • Missy Lynnh

    I’d like to freshen up the hallway where our large dog’s crate is

  • Amy Rouse

    My garage. Oh for sure my garage.

  • Jackie Craig

    The living room, but since I work from home – I’d use it everywhere!!!!

  • Dianne

    Living room

  • Tanya M.

    The living room