Helping Your Dog Reach an Ideal Weight


After a holiday season of (over) indulgence, January is always the time of getting back on track in terms of weight and fitness. We’ve had some cold weather but milder temperatures now have us getting more active with two long walks a day.

One reason for the additional exercise is the continued goal of helping Tiki lose a little weight. Irie and Tiki have been on a diet the past four months; Irie has about reached her ideal weight but there’s still a little extra Tiki! Along with the added activity (a one-hour walk this morning and half-hour walk this evening), I replace a portion of their daily diet with unsalted green beans which helps them feel full without adding calories.

Next month, Tiki has another “weigh-in” at our vet’s office (it’s not easy for us to weigh her on a home scale) so we’re working extra diligently to help her lose a few pounds without being hungry. We’ve been going back through the archives of DogTipper and rereading some of our earlier posts on this important topic:

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How to Keep a Shelter Dog at a Healthy Weight From our weekly pet360 column, this post looks at how shelter workers and volunteers can help keep shelter pets at a healthy weight.

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