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You’ll find a full week of podcasts on Radio Pet Lady Network (including our Dog Travel Experts show). This week, these shows are new to the Radio Pet Lady Network lineup:

Monday, March 17


Dr. Wendy Koch discusses whether our perception is correct of pain in our cats and dogs or whether we are not clear about the signs of suffering which we could alleviate; Tracie reunites with Dr. Marty Goldstein (her co-host from the Sirius/XM pet radio days) who discusses the sea change over the decades in attitudes towards holistic/integrative veterinary care; Kim Sturla, the Director of Animal Place, talks about their 600-acre farm animal sanctuary in California and how people come from all over the world to their residential intern program.


Stopping the cruelty of the disturbing practice of “horse soring,” using painful methods to make show horses have an exaggerated, high-stepping gait (Tracie shares her personal experience with these show horses); the dangers of the exotic animal trade and the legality in much of the United States of keeping boa constrictors, tigers, chimpanzees, lions, and other exotic animals in homes and backyards and why it is harmful for the animals and for people

Wednesday, March 19

GOOD DOGS!, GD #6009

The “collar show” – what are the different choices in collars you can use on your dog? What sort of collar is kind? And why Tracie thinks a metal prong collar is like biting your dog in the throat.

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