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Jodi Plyler: Founder, Furry Twang

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Jodi Plyler: Founder, Furry Twang

If you’re from the South or you’ve ever visited the South, you know Southerners have some special charming phrases for all aspects of life. So why shouldn’t your dog share in the fun? Well, now Fido can, thanks to Furry Twang. Founded by Jodi Plyler, this Charleston, South Carolina-based business features Southern dog tees and more, all with a a bit of Southern charm. Here’s Furry Twang’s own description, with its own special twang:

“Sometimes our lives are not ‘fine and dandy’ and we all ‘throw hissy fits’, but grab yourself some ‘sweet tea’ and don’t be a ‘scaredy cat’!  Come ‘waste some daylight’ shopping at Furry Twang. It’ll make you feel ‘footloose and fancy free’ in no time!”

Can you tell us about your background with dogs and how you first came to found Furry Twang?

I can’t remember a time in my life that I didn’t own a dog. I’ve owned just about every type of pet there is from cats to hamsters, fish, and even a hermit crab once. I’ve always had a love for them.

I moved to Charleston, SC in the summer of 2007 with my husband and something about the historic town brought out the best in me. I always wanted my own business and being in this town really brought my entrepreneurial spirit out! I launched my pet sitting business, A Tail Waggin’ Good Time, LLC, in April of 2008. It’s been a huge success thus far and I’ve been able to spend my days with the one thing I’m most passionate about…Animals!

In the fall of the same year I got the idea for Furry Twang while walking one of my new furry friends. It just came to me like a raindrop falling from the sky. I knew I was onto something. I got all my ducks in a row, launched the site, and bam I was in business. I attended a couple of local events and realized people love this stuff!  If you had asked me 4 years ago when I was graduating college where I thought I’d be, doing this certainly wouldn’t have came to mind.  When I sit down and really think that THIS is what I actually get to do for a living, I just get ‘tickled’.  I’m having the time of my life pursuing my goals and making people smile with these charming southern phrases.

Tell us about Furry Twang and the products you offer.

Furry Twang launched in October of 2008. We hand print southern words or phrases onto dog wear such as t-shirts, bandanas, collars, tanks, and totes.

We fit all types of animals from the small Chihuahua up to animals as large as the Lab.

One of the best things about Furry Twang is our website allows you to totally customize an item to fit your wants. You first choose your phrase, and then you pick your product, color combo, & doodle. What’s even better is that you can even customize a phrase. This is great for people who have a very unique nickname for their pet, people who want to get creative, or people who just want their pets name on their item.

Furry Twang features dog wear printed with Southern words or phrases. Can you tell us about some of the most popular items and phrases?

Folks LOVE the ‘I’m not fat, I’m big boned’ phrase and have said they’d wear it if it came in human sizes. Rest assured, it’s definitely in our growth plan!

Miss Priss, I Throw Hissy Fits, and Mama’s Lil’ Butterbean are among other favorites and my personal favorite is the ‘Doodle Bug’ phrase. Furry Twang began with t-shirts and they’re holding their own as the favorite product, but the collars are a close second and are our newest product.

What else would you like the readers of to know about your work?

We try really hard to not only focus on making a profit, but to also give back to the community and national organizations. We launched Furry Twang with the Tickled Pink dog t-shirt and we donate $1 from every sale of this particular phrase to the Susan G. Komen fund to help find a cure.

We’re also really excited to start partnering with a local organization called Pet Helpers.

We have several ideas in the works such as donating ‘Life is Peachy at Pet Helpers’ bandanas and featuring a special ‘adopted’(actual phrase still in the works) phrase on our site with all proceeds going towards this local organization. It sure is fun to make a profit, but there’s something extra special about lending a hand to good causes. It really gives you the warm fuzzies and that’s a feeling money can’t buy!

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