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Kelly Acree, Unleashed Indoor Play Parks

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Kelly Acree, Co-Founder of Unleashed Indoor Play Parks: Pet Pro Profile

You want to take your dog walking and playing every day–but when the weather turns cold, super hot, rainy, or windy, it can get difficult. And what about those short days of winter when it’s dark by the time you get home? Lucky Dallas dog lovers have another option: Unleashed, an indoor, off-leash park that’s the first in the country. recently caught up with Kelly Acree, co-founder of Unleashed Indoor Play Parks, to learn more about this new concept.

Can you tell us about Unleashed Indoor Dog Park and what makes this business unique?

We are the first, indoor off-leash dog park in the nation!  We have 25,000 square feet indoors for dogs to run and play with obstacle courses, tunnels, and toys. The climate-controlled park is laid with K9Grass, a special K-9 turf, and features a proprietary drainage and flushing system.

The result is a fresh clean-smelling environment that is easy on dogs’ paws and pleasant for owners. Fresh drinking water is always available to the dogs. Small or timid dogs and rough-housing medium or large dogs frolic in different areas.  We have specially trained dog handlers who constantly monitor the parks to ensure that everyone is safe and getting along well.

Along with the indoor dog park, what other facilities does Unleashed Indoor Dog Parks include?

In addition to play areas for the dogs, we offer delicious meals, drinks, coffee and desserts for the humans at the Unleashed Café.  We also feature areas to read, relax or use free wi-fi with doggie beds next to the tables.  You can pick up any pet necessity in the Unleashed Supply Center, as well as the latest chic dog toys not available elsewhere in Dallas.  We also offer doggie daycare, full grooming services, and cage-free overnight boarding.

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How did you come up with this idea?

My husband and I spent many hours at the local municipal dog park with our dog, Lucas, with no place to sit and no restrooms, not to mention being at the mercy of the weather.  We came up with the idea to create a destination dog park for dogs and owners alike with all the amenities for both.  The outdoors dog parks were often so crowded that it became overwhelming to even find a parking place.  We wanted to create a place where the experience was comfortable for both dog and owner.

Are there any special rules or considerations when using an indoor dog park rather than an outdoor park?

Dogs must be current on all vaccinations with proof of the vaccinations before admission.  Dogs must be clean, free of fleas and ticks, in good health and not exhibit aggressive behavior to play at the parks.  We want to make sure everyone is healthy, happy and safe at Unleashed!

What is next for Unleashed Indoor Dog Parks?

We will eventually be adding waterfalls and splash ponds on the 2.5 acres of outdoor play space, as well as a second floor lounge area for everyone to get a great view of the action at the play park down below.  Come by and play when you’re in town!

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