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Prince Lorenzo Borghese Helps Operation Special Delivery

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gI_152313_LorenzoOct2013_5.07.52 AMWhether they traveled by air or on the ground, 512 shelter dogs were floating on cloud nine recently as they were rescued during “Operation Special Delivery” Flyaway and Caravan.

The largest animal adoption rescue event in Georgia history took place thanks to the combined efforts of multiple animal rescues, including Pilots N Paws, which deployed more than 50 planes to help transport 260 dogs rescued from various Georgia kill shelters, and Guardians of Rescue and Animal Aid USA, who– with assistance from Pilots N Paws– transported every relinquished dog in the Fort Stewart Military Base kennel.

Additional ground caravans driven entirely by animal welfare volunteers traveled from New Jersey to Georgia and back to rescue another 252 dogs, the majority of whom were scheduled to be euthanized. The ASPCA transported another 83 rescues, all heading for adoptive homes in various states.

“Operation Special Delivery” marks Animal Aids USA’s second massive rescue caravan. The organization previously sponsored the “Amazing Grace” caravan, which rescued 144 dogs in July 2012 who were facing their fate in kill shelters. Animal Aid USA’s monthly caravans save approximately 100 dogs who have been earmarked for euthanasia.

“Until now, we have been able to keep the rescue caravans running monthly with the help of grant money, donations and our own money” stated Prince Lorenzo Borghese, former reality TV star (The Bachelor season nine)/ president of The Royal Pet Club and co-founder of Animal Aid USA. “Operation Special Delivery” wouldn’t have been possible without grants from animal welfare organizations like Dogs on Death Row and the Humane Society of the United States, as well as a donation from Animal Aid USA board member Georgina Bloomberg, a lifelong animal lover; and I’m delighted that we were joined by some of the country’s most dedicated animal welfare organizations including M.O.M.S., Pilots N Paws, the ASPCA and Guardians of Rescue; without their help we would not have been able to pull off the largest adoption rescue event in Georgia’s state history.”

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Animal Aid USA– which has helped to save the lives of more than 3,000 shelter dogs over the past two years– reports that in order to continue the organization’s acts of compassion public donations are needed to offset the costs of health certificates for each animals; spaying/neutering; medical treatments and daily supplies.

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“Most people aren’t aware of all that is needed to maintain a rescue effort of this size,” Borghese says. “All donations go directly to the rescue and well-being of the animals we save, and all manpower is provided by our rescue partners and volunteers.”

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Photo Credit: PRWeb/Animal Aid USA

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