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October Dog Horoscopes

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As summer officially comes to a close, we welcome a new season with open arms. Colorful, vibrant leaves will begin to blossom, flip-flops and swim trunks will be stored away, and pumpkin-spiced everything will become front-and-center in your daily diet.

Our furry friends finally heave a sigh of relief knowing they can spend a bit more time in the great outdoors without working up a sweat. Autumn is the ideal season for adventures with your dog. As the weather begins to cool down, don’t be surprised if Fido is begging for some fresh air.

Hollywood Psychics is back this month with more monthly horoscopes for your fur baby. So throw on your favorite flannel, gather up the pumpkin carving tools, brew up a pot of homemade apple cider and set some time aside for your monthly dog horoscopes!


As you look to embrace the cold winter ahead, you must get ready to bundle up with your favorite furry friend. It’s important to be aware of the change in mood and overall energy levels of your dog. The days will get shorter, so your pup will ask a bit more of you before and after work, especially when it comes to communicating on the couch. You may think he/she isn’t listening, but their ears are wide open and they’re commonly looking for signs of affection.


This month, Mercury will have your dog becoming a creature of habit. Keep a close eye on your pup’s household tendencies and you may begin to notice a daily schedule arise. Your pooch is interested in staying organized throughout the month of October, which will require you to adjust your agenda accordingly. Venus’s presence in Taurus will also ask for more teamwork between you and your dog. Everything from daily chores to days in the park will warrant room for increased bonding.


The current positions of Venus and Mercury will make way for a very playful month for your Gemini pooch. Opportunities for you to explore new boundaries will arise with new and old friends. Make sure to give your pooch ample time to scour the countryside and run free, as their energy and enjoyment levels will be at an all-time high this month. They will be looking for new and old friends, so frequenting the park or setting up doggy play dates will make for an exciting month.


Throughout this month, Mercury will find itself in a more innovative sector on your dog’s solar chart, requiring you to increase the amount of family connection and communication. Make sure your family and the pup have sufficient time to strengthen their relationship. Your Cancer pooch will be most interested in bonding with all family members, both young and old. Give Fido the time to show his affection and true beauty and October will make way for an outpouring of love.


The countless late summer adventures has your pup tired, but still yearning a friendship that can carry him/her through the winter. They understand that fall and winter brings many couch-bound days, but are still interested in hosting dog friends whenever the time permits. October will ask that you find dogs in the neighborhood that share the same interests as your furry friend. So they can forge through the colder months ahead with an exciting new relationship.


Because you have been so focused on work, paying the bills and material possessions, don’t be surprised if your dog starts to feel neglected. Feelings of jealousy could arise as you may not have given your pooch the proper love and attention they deserve. Since Venus is currently in an area concerning money and property, you must carve out the time in your schedule to hang with your pooch. October could become a very messy month in your house if you become selfish, so spend time strengthening the bond with your dog.


Your Libra dog understands that the weather is getting colder, but would like a few fun activities to do while spending time inside. Provide your furry friend a creative outlet for them to exert their energy. Whether it be a new toy or amusement, Fido is going to be itching for something new to carry him/her through the month.


Scorpio pups are known to be more independent than other dogs of the zodiac, so this will ring true throughout the month of October. You may find your pup spending lots of time alone, shying away from any play or snuggle time. Be aware of their needs and try to understand what may be bothering them. As you take the time to understand their various moods, you can cater to their needs and create a balanced relationship between love and independence.


Your Sagittarius dog will show a heightened level of curiosity this month, most interested in what things are and how they got there. You may find them sniffing around the house in places they’ve never been before, showing the need to get acquainted with new objects and things, as well as people. Fido will dissect every new person that walks into the house, but for good reason as they always have your best interest in mind. Old friends may walk into your life throughout the month of October and if so, it’s important to give them a proper introduction to your favorite little friend.


October will have you and your dog thinking about long-term plans, with future goals and aspirations in mind. As your mind is drawn to what tomorrow holds, your pup will be paying close attention to how you treat them and the language you use to communicate. Your Capricorn canine will expect you to impose rules and responsibilities for them in a clear and kind manner. By improving the communication you have with your dog throughout the month, your bond will further strengthen and the house will remain clean.


As the new season officially sets in, your Aquarius dog is looking for a proper way to kick-off fall. Whether it’s a party or a small gathering where neighborhood pups are invited everyone is looking for a bit of an escape from the daily grind. This is a great way to introduce your dog to new friends, while rekindling relationships with old acquaintances. Your pup has itchy feet for fun and excitement, so keep the month of October open for adventure.


Pisces dogs will experience a life-changing moment this month. It could be anything from a dangerous experience, a new trick learned or a new companion to spend time with. Let it be known that no matter what your pup goes through you will always be there for him/her. Nurture them through the tough times and celebrate their accomplishments throughout the month because Fido will be experiencing something ground-breaking, it’s just a matter of time.

With a new season come various changes in our lives and the same rings true for our household companions. As we gear up for an active month of October, make room at the party and on your couch for your pup, because you may spending more time together than you think!

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