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Susie’s Hope Tells Story of Hero Dog Award Winner

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Television viewers who tuned in to the American Humane Association’s 2014 Hero Dog Awards on October 30th  were touched by a segment which shone a spotlight on Susie, a Pit Bull mix who has turned the pain of her past into the promise of a better future for both people and pets in need. Now you can learn more about the compassionate canine in Susie’s Hope, which recently became available on Amazon and at Susie’s Hope’s online store. (15 percent of the proceeds from sales of the DVD will benefit the Susie’s Hope Foundation.)

Starring actress/animal advocate Emmanuelle Vaugier, the movie tells the tale of two souls whose friendship helped to heal their emotional wounds.

It was a simple act of puppy affection (licking a newborn baby’s face) which led to a terrible act of cruelty by Susie’s guardian. Severely beaten, set on fire and left for dead in a Greensboro, North Carolina park, the pup was close to death, but held on for a miracle.

Still recovering 10 months later from an attack by an abused Pit Bull who she had tried to help, the fear that Donna Smith Lawrence felt toward dogs was still raw when she came across the injured Pit Bull mix puppy. But looking into Susie’s eyes, which were still so trusting after all she had endured at the hands of a human, Lawrence was able to let go of her apprehension and open her heart once again to the animals she so loves.

As a team Susie and Donna Smith Lawrence has created changes in North Carolina’s animal abuse laws, and today they inspire others to never give up hope as they visit hospitals, nursing homes and schools.

For more information regarding the nonprofit organization Susie’s Hope:

Note: The following trailer for Susie’s Hope contains some disturbing images:

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