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Pet Theft Awareness Day is February 14th

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cat-71494_1280For dog devotees and fans of felines Valentine’s Day can be a time to celebrate our pals with pals who have stolen our hearts away, but the date is also an annual reminder to pet parents to be wary of criminals who may try to rob you of your four-legged friend.

Last Chance for Animals, a non-profit organization which champions an array of animal rights issues, helps to shine a spotlight on Pet Theft Awareness Day and the plight of roughly 2 million companion animals in the United States who are stolen each year. Statistics state that only 10 per cent of stolen pets ever make their way back to their families– others are used as bait for dog fights, bred in a puppy mill, sold to a lab, or face other cruel fates.

To protect your pet, Last Chance for Animals offers several suggestions, including:

  • Never leave your barking buddy alone in a yard, car, or tethered outside a place of business, even for a moment– it’s all the time a thief needs.
  • Have your pet spayed or neutered, which will both temper an animal’s tendency to roam and lower the chance that a thief will try to steal your pet for the purpose of breeding.
  • Provide proper identification for your pet with an ID tag or have your dog or cat microchipped. Also, keep a current photo of your canine or cat companion.

To help combat the crime of pet theft, Last Chance for Animals offers educational campaign materials, including downloadable leaflets, flyers, posters and a list of activities to mark the day.

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