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National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

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Three-time WWE Divas Champion A J Lee is also a champion of paws causes. On April 8th animal lovers can join the professional wrestler in the fight to defeat animal cruelty as she partners with the ASPCA to promote National Dog Fighting Awareness Day.

Lee’s passion for compassion was nurtured from an early age thanks to a kind-hearted father who offered care to any furry friend in need, among them former fighting dogs.  Mugsy, a Pit Bull puppy who was born into the world of dog fighting, found his way into her family’s heart and home, and her dogged devotion to canines in need is a touching tribute to her 16-year friendship with her four-pawed pal.

Today the Wrestlemania 31 winner (who is a proud pet parent to two rescue dogs) is using her star wattage to shine a light on the plight of dogs who are forced into battle with each other, and animal lovers everywhere can follow in her footsteps by:

  • Signing an ASPCA petition encouraging the U.S. Department of Justice to continue to fight the good fight to end this barbaric practice.
  • Downloading the ASPCA’s free digital #GetTough toolkit, complete with material which packs a powerful emotional punch, including a micro-poster, profile photos and cards to share the message via social media.
  • Striking a pose with the ASPCA’s printable poster to share on social media with the hashtag #GetTough.

For more information regarding the ASPCA’s ongoing actions to put an end to the brutal business of blood “sports”: