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Have You Taken the #LickMyFace Challenge for Shelter Animals?

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The truth is out there…actor David Duchovny is devoted to animals in need, and now the star is stepping into his real life role as an Advisory Committee member of Target Zero to help lick the problem of needless euthanasia in animal shelters across the country by taking part in the Lick My Face campaign.

Appearing in a video alongside Brick Duchovny, the rescue dog who takes center stage in his life, Duchovny challenges both fans and fellow famous friends of Fidos– such as his X-Files co-star Gillian Anderson and ex-wife Tea Leoni– to follow his lead by donating at least one dollar to the paws cause for every lick their receive from their buddies who bark or pals who purr.

Here’s how YOU can participate in the lick-off:

  1. Participants can take part simply by having a smartphone or video camera and a four-legged friend who wants to show affection to help animals in need!
  2. Slathering your own face with natural peanut butter, just like David Duchovny, will help you obtain the maximum smooches from your own pooches!
  3. Participants can post their video on the social media channel of their choice: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., using the hashtag #lickmyface.
  4. Urge others to participate for the sake of shelter animals!
  5. Participants will make a donation of at least one dollar at for every lick received.

Established in 2013, Target Zero is a non-profit organization which educates animal welfare leaders and shelter staff about practices which have proven to aid in the achievement of zero kill (otherwise known as no-kill) within a time frame of three years or less. Since its start Target Zero has succeeded in making two US cities ‘zero kill’: Waco, Texas and Huntsville, Alabama. Also making great strides toward achieving the no-kill goal is Brevard County, Florida, which has set its sights on becoming no kill by October 2016. Target Zero is presently working with 10 Fellow Cities.

The definition of “no-kill” is the rescue or adoption of 90 percent or more of the companion animals in a city shelter. Ten percent or less is accounted for by dogs or cats who lose their lives due to illness regardless of medical treatment and/or large dog with non-rehabilitative aggression issues.

Speaking out about the work of the non-profit organization, Duchovny states: “Target Zero is showing a clear path to end the euthanasia of adoptable shelter animals through its proven-to-work mentorship model. We’re currently in 10 Fellow Cities, but I’d like us to be in 20, 30, 40 more as quickly as possible to keep saving more and more lives. My hope is this campaign will get the word out far and wide that we’re here to help.”