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Rachael Ray Rescue Brigade Helps Shelter Dogs Become Search Dogs

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Although this is not a sponsored post, we are proud that Nutrish is a DogTipper sponsor. As always, we share news that we know you’ll enjoy!

A celebrity cook with a hunger to help homeless companion animals, Rachael Ray has teamed up with The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation to launch The Rachael Ray Rescue Brigade. The Rachael Ray Foundation has already made a donation of $150,000 to the paws cause, but there’s just one major ingredient missing to make the perfect recipe for the initiative’s success–contributions from compassionate dog lovers.

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation is striving to reach its goal of raising $300,000 by August 31st. The funds will cover the cost of meeting with more than 150 shelters and rescue groups from coast to coast in an effort to find, evaluate and transport dogs to SDF’s National Training Center in California. Thanks to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation’s dogged devotion to each canine selected, monies raised will also aid in each dog’s lifetime of care, regardless of whether a dog is able to complete the organization’s training program.

All of the dogs chosen for possible inclusion in the program are provided with meals, receive daily care, wellness exams and medical treatment when necessary, and those deemed more suited for life as a family’s canine companion rather than as a four-legged first responder will find a forever home through the non-profit’s Lifetime Care Program.

Rachael Ray has been in partnership with the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation for the past seven years, with a portion of the proceeds from each sale of Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Food and Treats donated through The Rachael Ray Foundation to help homeless pets and animals in need. These grants are vital to the organization’s ability to recruit rescued dogs for the foundation’s training program.

Established in 1996, the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation has given a new lease on life to dogs in need by training them to save the lives of people in danger. Pups whose personality traits have made them difficult to adopt out find that attributes that may have held them back in shelters are now assets as they embark on eight to ten months of professional training prior to being paired with a handler. The rescued dogs go on to assist firefighters and other emergency responders, their duty calling them to the aid of victims of earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes and other natural disasters.

Photo Credit: National Disaster Search Dog Foundation