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Finding Money to Pay for Pet Cancer Treatment #FightPetCancer

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If your dog has been given a diagnosis of cancer, you are certainly not alone. With about half the dog population developing cancer at some point in their lifetime, it’s a disease that is getting increasing attention and research.

Just as with human cancer, pet cancer treatments are not inexpensive, however. May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month–but we wanted to let you know about resources that are available to you year around. The Petco Foundation has an excellent resource guide for grants and financial assistance. Check this guide for a variety of resources, some available only for residents of particular states, others for pets across the country.

The Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo provide grants to seven different university veterinary centers across the nation to help families fund their pets’ treatment. Since 2010, they’ve contributed a total of $13 million for pet cancer research and treatment. Many families travel to these locations for initial consultation/treatment but then continue treatment with their regular vet.

How You Can Help

Through May 27, 2018, pet lovers are encouraged to join Blue Buffalo and the Petco Foundation in the fight against pet cancer by donating in Petco and Unleashed by Petco stores or online, and by sharing knowledge about the early warning signs of pet cancer and how they fight pet cancer using the hashtag #FightPetCancer. Donations can be made in any amount during checkout in a Petco or Unleashed by Petco store, or by donating online at

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