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#BTC4A: Shop, Adopt!

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Today is Blog the Change Day, a quarterly event organized by Be the Change for Animals to draw attention to causes important to pet bloggers everywhere.

As you know, we are fully committed to rescue; our two rescue dogs and four rescue cats wouldn’t have it any other way. We feature an Adoptable Dog of the Day here every weekday and right now we’re elbow deep in preparations with All Things Dog Blog for Super Dog Sunday to raise money for Petfinder Foundation. We’re always thinking of ways to encourage more people to go visit their local shelters and rescues the next time they want to increase the size of their furry families.

The well-known slogan “Don’t Shop, Adopt” encourages pet adoption rather than purchase of a pet from pet stores or breeders. And we’re completely behind that philosophy. But recently an idea occurred to us: what if the slogan were:

Shop, Adopt!

Shopping a basic human need. OK, it might not be on the order of eating and drinking but a quick look around your town or the Internet itself will confirm that shopping is pretty far up there in the list of must-do activities. People like to shop. It makes them feel good.

And people spend money on what makes them feel good.

What if shelters were promoted as a great place to shop? Go to your local shelter and shop for your next pet. The selection will be great. The prices will be excellent. Helpful shelter staff and volunteers will act as your personal shopping assistants and help you select the pet that’s the best fit for your family. It’s shopping and adoption all rolled into one.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Shelter animals get a new home, and people get the joy of shopping but not by purchasing a puppy mill dog.

Vicki Cook

Tuesday 17th of January 2012

I think more and more shelters are catching on to the idea of being where people like to shop and either working with existing pet stores or setting boutique shops. It's a great idea!

Woof Woof Mama

Monday 16th of January 2012

Great post! The shelter where we adopted Daisy also has a "boutique" where they sell humane training aids, collars, healthy treats, t-shirts and other cool stuff that's fun to shop for. Hopefully other shelters and rescues can do this, too. We love stopping by when we are in the area to see what's new and continue to help support their cause!


Sunday 15th of January 2012

I am guilty of acquiring our Sheltie from a breeder but I DID adopt my kitty from an organization that was at PETCO back in 2007.

We tried to adopt when we got our Sheltie but we couldn't find any shelters near our home.

Great post though!

Mary Haight

Sunday 15th of January 2012

Great topic for Blog the Change! It's interesting that if shelters end up adopting their pets to converted pet shops who now adopt but at a premium, at some point people might be willing to go check out the shelter and adopt there sans the premium price =)  Thanks for blogging the change!


Sunday 15th of January 2012

It looks like I wasn't the only one focused on the Don't Shop, Adopt mantra! 

I'm glad you wrote about this subject. I wish more and more people would view a pet shelter as a place to shop (as long as they don't make that purchase on a whim).  So many great dogs and cats are at shelters. If only people knew! I hope this changes the more we educate.Thanks for participating in Blog the Change!