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Making Cat Toys

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Looking to save a little money on cat toys? You’ll find plenty of playtime fun in your pantry and junk drawer, items that can create hours of fun for your feline:

  • Laser beams have been all the rage as cat toys the last few years (but you do have to make sure you don’t shine the beam in their eyes). A safer and cheaper alternative: a little flashlight. Your cat can chase the beam, pounce on it, and chase it down again.
  • Fill a small plastic bottle with rice or dried beans or peas and roll it across the floor. The noise catches your cat’s attention, and he won’t be able to resist the temptation to chase it down. Small water bottles work great for this.
  • Another use for those empty water bottles: treat or food dispenser. Cut a small hole just larger than a piece of kibble in the side of the bottle. Put your finger over the hole, fill the bottle with cat kibble, cap the bottle, then stand back and watch the fun as your cat rolls the bottle and works to earn kibble one piece at a time. This game brings out your cat’s natural hunting instincts and is a great toy for when you’ll be away for a few hours.
  • Try giving your cat a paper grocery bag. He may enjoy hiding in it, or he may prefer the noise it makes when he pounces on it.